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I’ve been decluttering and organizing
around the house and I’ve been totally loving it
I don’t do resolutions but I do set goals each year that I want to
accomplish. This year one of my biggest goal is to declutter and organize and so
which is why I’ve been doing a lot of declutter and organization videos. The
feeling that you care after decluttering or organization is amazing. In today’s
video I will be sharing some easy DIY budget-friendly ideas for jewelry
organization that you can easily do in a smaller or larger space. So, let’s get
started before we dive into the jewelry
organization DIY it’s very important that we declutter. So, I followed the
konmari decluttering method and I separated the items that I was no longer
using or getting joy from in an empty basket and grouped similar items
together in categories. Now for the DIY we actually only need three items, first
is a bulletin board, command strips and hooks and a cooling rack and that’s all
the items that we are going to need now. The first thing we are going to be doing
is hanging this board on the door using command picture hanging strips. most
boards do come with the installing hardware so if you want to screw nails
in that’s your choice but I prefer using command hooks because they are a great
no damage solution. And the next thing I did was I tucked some command hooks
under the board for the necklaces which I’ll show you in just a few minutes. Now
it is recommended that you wait for a few hours for the command strips or
hooks to set. The next thing I’m using is a cooling rack. The one that I showed you
earlier was a little bit big for this space so I’m using this one that I
picked up from the Dollar Tree and I secured it on the board using small
command hooks; and then the next thing is to just start pinning your earrings on
the board and the hanging ones can go on the cooling rack and the necklaces on
the hooks under the board it’s just as easy as that.
I have to say there’s something about konmari decluttering method I, I felt
really good I wouldn’t say I’m a minimalist but I did get that minimalist
feeling after decluttering but then I’m not a hoarder either so I wasn’t left
with much stuff which was very satisfying actually. For the items that you know you’re only
gonna need maybe once a year a hanging see-through jewellery organization is
perfect. It’s also space-saving as you can just hang it in your closet. I had
this one from ages ago that I am using to store some of the statement necklaces
and other necklaces that I only wear maybe once a year now. For the bonus tips
the first one that I wanted to share is in order to stay organized decluttering
is very important. So, definitely do take some time to analyze our style changes
from time to time and that’s okay; try to embrace the changes in life and
declutter accordingly. Whenever I declutter I snap a picture
and send it to family and friends to see if anyone wants it. If no one claims it I
just go ahead and donate the items and the next one I want to share is command
hooks are so versatile and a great no damage solution so whenever they go on
special I stock up so I can use them around the house to make my life more
easier and convenient. That’s it for today’s video I really hope you enjoyed
spending time with me in this jewelry organization ideas DIY if you did please
make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for future
videos. Thank you so much for joining I’ll see you guys next time
bye for now

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