Jewelry Photography : Style a Short Necklace for Product Photography

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Hi. I’m Michael Seto. In this clip we’re going
to talk about how to style and shoot a shorter necklace. We’re shooting a necklace for Lyndsay
Colbis, a jewelry designer in New York. What you want to do when shooting a necklace is
make sure you’re presenting the piece of jewelry in a way it’s going to actually worn on a
person. Very important, that way people who are looking at it on a website or in a catalog,
can get a good sense of what it’s going to look like on them. So, the key to that is,
you’re making sure the bottom area is going to hang or drape the way it probably would
when a person is wearing it. You’re going to want to style it in that manner. Also,
with this piece of jewelry in particular, you can see that there are a number of different
pendants on it, so there’s more of an area that you want to focus on with your camera
then just say if there was one pendant or if they were all sort of bunched towards the
bottom of the necklace itself. What I like to do is just kind of stretch it out here
a little bit and then just, form a little bit of a, almost a heart shape. I think this
really reflects, you know you’ve got the persons neck here, the necklace drapes down, it’s
fairly symmetrical, you want to make sure all the pieces are oriented correctly. Sometimes
if the jewelry itself is very complex or the pieces are tough to distinguish, you might
not be able to get it set up exactly right. So it’s important to have a stylist or even
the designer there to make sure you’re showing the jewelry the way it’s supposed to be worn.

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