JoJo’s Copyright Free Adventures In Italy – Episode 24 “Silver Chariot Requiem”

JoJo’s Copyright Free Adventures In Italy – Episode 24 “Silver Chariot Requiem”

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  1. The voice acting in this episode is astounding, I'm amazed how all the actors managed to fit other character's personality without changing their voice.

  2. In my headcanon, Mista not only doesn't have a stand, but he's also not Italian. Others just play along with his make-believe to not upset him.

  3. Bite the dust IS a requiem stand, it has every traits of it. It's not because the arrow didn't pierce through the stand but in the user it couldn't have became a requiem stand, it's only because araki didn't think about this rule before. Remember how inconsistent is JoJo and all its story flaws

  4. This gave me mixed feelings cause Narancia's death in this was funny but it also reminded me of Narancia's actual death which made me sad…

  5. After this is over I hope you can make Fugo's copyright free adventures in Italy, seeing as David Pro probably won't give us an animated adaptation of Feedback anytime soon.

  6. So.. what you are saying is Killer Queen Bites the Dust is not a Requiem stand and it's actually Kira himself that became a Requiem?

  7. low key expecting for Diavolo's copyrighted monologue in this OP..
    The Narancia death scene was nice though.
    Edited : The mad lad fixed it in the new video.

  8. There was nothing there, Like a transparent background or whatever.

    Also, Thought I was the only one who went against the Kira Requiem stand.

  9. Aaahhh the alternate OP was nice
    What do you mean Kira didn't get a requiem stand? "Since he got pierced, not his stand" wtf does that mean?
    I love how Polnareff being a turtle was glossed over.
    I actually hadn't thought about it until you brought it up, but I don't know what Killer Queen after being pierced by the arrow counts as. It's not a Requiem because Araki hadn't invented it back then, but it fits the description of one, so it might be.
    – OK, I figured out the Kira arrow thing.
    In episode 33 (His Name is Diavolo) , we see that the Requiem Arrow is different from the other arrows in that it has a Beetle on it, so you only get a Requiem stand if you're "deemed worthy" (read "Survive", if you're not into the virus) and are pierced by that particular arrow.
    Polpo's arrow is a normal Stand arrow, and it only affects those yet to awaken a stand. Quoting Koichi from episode 4 (Joining the Gang): "If the person shot with the arrow doesn't awaken to that ability, they will die" if you already have a stand, like Giorno does, you can't awaken a stand, therefore, you'll die, i.e., get hurt by the arrow when you're pierced by it.
    It makes no sense to differ the stands and user like FilthyRamen did, because the damage in one applies to the other, but if that difference isn't there, there's no way to explain how Giorno didn't get new powers when stabbed, but Kira did. So, yeah. Goddammit.

  10. Waking up feeling too horny.

    That explanation about too much sexual energy reminds me of a doujin I came across.

  11. Requiem arrow and the stand arrow are f u c k i n d i f f e r e n t you uncultured swine, kira was pierced by the regular arrow, not the requiem, therefore he has a new ability, not a requiem.

  12. In this timeline diavolo
    get stuck in a infinite loop of hentai anime/games starting off by monster girl quest
    please make this canon

  13. this is more sadder than the real deal… they way he said he coming back for him….and the cheese guy the silence….this is art..i feel depressed. hopes and dreams

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