Liz Law the LA Designer on Her Lace & Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Designs

Liz Law the LA Designer on Her Lace & Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Designs

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do I vintage fashion lot and I’m jewelry designer behind his luxury based out of Los Angeles California just
do my whatever talking to but okay is it 100
times hey from both my you that celebrity planners something to do I friend hi that I think you can get away
with anything it’s not really judgment on trance
fashion working being in Los Angeles probably
that allow me to to cross lines morning been white particularly anything goes there’s
something for everybody I think hillel nice where surrounding you hadn’t what’s going on you would change the
beach and stimulation beware I really love seeing the pieces
come to light on people i’ve seen really petite small women put on a big boom and bust images looks
amazing on them I’m you never really know into you have
to decide I don’t like that relationship the
warehouse DPS it that the way the wearing your
personality and your style really interact with the peace I always love seeing different people
wrist injury and it’ll look completely different in a
completely different message people it’s just that reaction to where injury finished keys it’s hard Jennifer and it’s a
one-of-a-kind have vintage black lace 3 here you
haven’t expressed mesh p3 hear that oxidized to make it
darker and then you have some dark tassels and
down vintage fashion kinda frame she’ll little bit and that I
have crystal been made and contractual buckles that
back here so this is just a really fabulous keys has a I’m have a strong years back to it has a shield shape and
it looks very protective and strong requires that
sparkler here at that really action this is a
one-of-a-kind I hired a stitch in time and the Hazara done here pressures this independent this is
Mike seven ish chain I really like this when a defendant has
like that a playful Alice in Wonderland last time tapes
yesterday you your hands are hot divine and day look great on every woman these selling the web site for the very
relieved HS and you can wear them on-the-record are you can wear them with your gf it
really doesn’t matter be is are so planned department does
track and day they have have that fun here actors a fair them on their Bay they have you give you the volume but
they’re anchor lately you won’t really feel like you anything
I fire actually by Mike components themselves I’m I have a whole stack drivers are
here that have semi-precious stones saw crystals are stills and shells other to I’m so i buy different
components that I find just really inspired use and I designed by sitting right
there for and pulling out but it’s affecting go together are don’t go together of
intense fun mind thoroughly on together and I G that process happened others find community vintage fashion uh home

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