Loaded 90% Silver Half Dollar Box – Another Amazing Hunt!

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picked up another box a half’s today and i think we’ve got a silver ender hey everyone it’s Rob with Rob Finds Treasure and I just had the most epic – box pick up the other day if you haven’t seen that two-part video series make sure you check it out matter of fact I’ll put a link above here you got to check it out but outside of that today I picked up another box of Hafs and it looks pretty shiny almost like it’s polished but that looks pretty silver compared to the rest that looks pretty silvery I guess what we’ll do is I’ll get into this box and hope that we find some silver I think we have one there but we’ll save it for roll number three my star was rule number one and we’ll see how it goes we’re on hole number two guys and it fooled me for a second because it looked like it matters a little clad but when I turn it to the side I think it’s a silver I think it’s a silver it is 1967 on the board with the silver in the second roll of the box if that’s a silver ender for sure we’ll be on the tripod once again roll number three guys and this is that ender I thought with silver and it’s no doubt silver and how dumb am i it’s got a demon mark look at this how did I not notice that that’s gonna be a 64 d how did I not notice that now I feel silly let me open the roll and I’ll take a look and see if there’s anything else in there like some friends well there’s no friends but check this out holy cow it’s a beautiful 64 it’s got some scratches but the luster is magnificent we’ve got a silver ninety percent and a forty percent and we’re only in the third roll and I don’t think there’s anything else in here but we’re getting a tripod set up for sure on this one as well roll number five last role I set the tripod up had nothing in it but you know what that’s it usually happens when you set a camera up hopefully I won’t drink the box we might have a silver right here and it’s another 1964 the 1964 Denver to 90 percenter in the first five rolls roll number seven kind of a to rule skunk on the last two maybe we can get another silver and this one you know what I checked the Ender cuz it looked funny let me show it to you Sal looked a little silvery but it’s not I’ll weigh it up for sure but I think we have silver right here I missed it these and that’s probably another 90s these 90s look a little bit fishy on the edge and it is right there another 1964 and it’s another Denver Wow 90% our number three roll number eight we already got three ninety percent on a forty percent are in the first seven rolls unbelievable oh my gosh and we’re gonna have another silver coin and that looks 90 as well and it is for ninety percent or did I miss any other ones nope and I have to look at these carefully these edges I mean you can tell when they’re together they’re silver but they do look a little bit tarnished so surprising that’s five Silver’s and eight rolls and for our 90% old number nine how are we gonna get another 90 percenter unbelievable for already and we are we’ve got one right here in the middle holy cow and it’s another Denver Mint 90 percenter number five how did the first nine rolls roll number ten we’ve already got five ninety percent of its in the first nine rolls ridiculous oh my guys I think we have three two here and one there there’s one 1964 Denver 1964 Denver 1964 Denver look at the Front’s trashed and the backs mint that’s three ninety percent are in a roll I’ve never scored that many in a roll I’m just double-checking I’ll go through all of them but that’s three more ninety percent or five six seven eight ninety per centers plus a forty percent in the first ten rolls this has got to be part of the same collection of the boxes I picked up yesterday and I pick up another box this afternoon roll number 11 guys and I’m still just flabbergasted I don’t understand how there’s that much silver in the first ten rolls that are 90 percent and we didn’t have more than one ender eye I just I don’t get it hopefully it wasn’t all packed on this side of the box hopefully it keeps up this is already a record number of 90 percent sewers for me ever in a box and we’ve got another one 1964 this one the backs beat up but silver number ten ninety percent number nine roll number twelve gosh I have such an adrenaline rush right now it feels fantastic we’ve got another one another sixty for Denver that’s ten ninety percent in the first 12 rolls and we’ve got a forty percent rule number 13 just feels like every rolls gonna have a 90 percenter in it it’s crazy and maybe every role does there’s another one 1964 Denver holy cow that and I FC as well nope unbelievable guys we’re on roll 32 I think my last silver was at rule 12 or 13 we had gone basically 20 rolls without silver I recorded like 16 up and I finally said I’m not gonna record anymore I think the Silver Streak ran out a few rolls after I stopped recording on the tripod we find another coin and it looks 90% and it’s another 1964 90 percent silver and this one is out of Denver as well Wow I guess we’ll pick up recording on the tripod again since uh-huh since we’re finding silver again don’t get me wrong I’m happy that happened but I wish I would have kept recording why couldn’t it have given me that a few rolls earlier 10 extent we got more rolls to hunt and we’re back on silver roll 33 back to recording on the tripod since when we got silver in the last roll that’s a bad tear job but it’s gonna have a silver in it maybe maybe no it can’t be too but we got one right here 1964 again 90% silver got an odd one back here it’s just the 1980 with a dirty rim but a lot of men having this dirty rim so 64 this one’s got a dirty back and it’s a denver as well another 90 percenter roll 35 is there more silver in this box I thought it was a 40% 1968 D I should have shown you the edge but it was just discolored so I didn’t know for sure but it’s uh it’s 40% 40% of number two all right guys last roll the box we haven’t had silver in a while the Box started off hot then went ice-cold didn’t got lukewarm and in fact to be a nice cold will not send us off with one more silver for the road I don’t think so but well you might have an nifc nope just a nice 94 all right let me finish up this roll and I’ll get you a wrap up all right guys another box a half dollars hundred and that’s my third box this week that just killed it for me I’ve got a box that I’m picking up this afternoon or this early evening and I can’t wait to get into that box but let me get you a rival to this box pulled out this 72 because it was silver-plated so I thought it was cool we did find one nifc 2004 not in great shape I did find two 74 dd-do s both again not in great shape I can’t seem to find a high quality grade of these but these are most definitely without a doubt them no need to show them do you see number four we did find two forty percent is a 67 and a 68 unbelievable but here’s what’s even the most unbelievable thirteen ninety percent are all 1964 DS look at these things they’re in circulated condition but they still have a lot of luster and look great other than this one but look at the back the back some believable 1390 percentage is my world record ever 90 percent box last night I had a hunt that had 664 ‘s and to ben franklin’s for eight ninety per centers and the box before that only had 260 fours for to 90 percent of so 13 crazy 15 overall silver coins in that box that’s three boxes in a row same week crushing it hopefully you enjoyed the hunt as much as I did if you did how to appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching

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