Louis Vuitton Christmas Animation Comparison | Vivienne

Louis Vuitton Christmas Animation Comparison | Vivienne

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(upbeat music) – Hello, and welcome. I am fine jewelry designer Jill Maurer and I love taking the intimidation and the mystique out of buying
and wearing fine jewelry. I do often talk about
jewelry on this channel, but I also talk about
all aspects of design, including luxury design. Today, I am talking
about the Louis Vuitton Christmas Animation
Series, featuring Vivienne. I did get three pieces this year. I went a little nuts. I’m going to do a closeup
of all three pieces. I’ll show them to you here. Then I’m going to move over to a table and really show you the
details of all three, in case you are interested
in purchasing any or all of these. I do have pieces from the Venice, Paris, and Shanghai collections. First I wanna show you this bag. This is the Christmas bag
this year at Louis Vuitton. It has these nice blue cloth straps. This is what it looks like. I do think that is beautiful
packaging this year. It has the wording on both sides. There it is. Pieces this year on the
ribbon have this card, and on the inside is this envelope here so that you can write, you
know, to and from on that. It’s nice packaging this year. Here are the three pieces I purchased. First is this Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette in the Christmas Animation 2019. This is Vivienne in Venice. I also did an unboxing of this if you wanna take a look at that. Here is the Vivienne in Paris. This is the Christmas charm. When I unboxed this, I also
tried it on a lot of my bags. So if you want to see it on bags, that’s the place to go look. And I do have a Kusama canvas bag and also several Epi Leather bags, including the Alma and the Jasmin. So you can see it on different bags and see how it looks on the bags there. Last but not least, I got
this more unusual item. This is the Elizabeth Pencil Pouch. And this is Vivienne in Shanghai. Here are the three pieces together. I just took off my bracelet
because it was banging on the table. I wanted to show you them together here so you can kind of see them
to scale with each other. But let’s take a look
at these one at a time. The first is this bag charm. It is the Vivienne. This right here is Vivienne. Vivienne is Louis Vuitton’s mascot that was first introduced in 2017. She is here with her Alma bag and she’s got her red convertible. In the back of her red convertible
is her Keepall Mon Mono and some Louis Vuitton packages here. In the background, there
is the Eiffel Tower, and the Eiffel Tower, on the top of it, has a Louis Vuitton monogram,
or hovering over it. That Eiffel Tower is in gold metallic. This one has a lot of pink, not only here, but also in what she’s wearing. It is, of course, the canvas. You can see the logo,
the Louis Vuitton logo on the convertible. So I guess this is a Louis
Vuitton red convertible. The back of this piece is red. It does say Louis Vuitton
Paris, Made In France. That is actually easier to see in person than it is coming across camera, there. The hardware is gold. This can act as a bag
charm or as a key chain. It has both. This is the key chain, and it
does say Louis Vuitton on it. There is the Louis and
here is the Vuitton. On the other side, there are some numbers. So if you wanted to put
keys on this, you could, and then you could still
hook it to something. That says Louis Vuitton
there, on both sides. And then the way that this
works is it’s just a carabiner. Like that. So that is the first piece,
and that is Vivienne in Paris. In the second piece, we
find Vivienne in Venice. She is on a gondola in Venice. Here, she’s wearing her pink petals. She’s got the same blue eye and she’s got her Louis Vuitton trunks. Some of the details on this, there’s a Louis Vuitton signature here, so this is a Louis Vuitton
gondola, apparently. The light fixture here has the
Louis Vuitton flowers on it. This piece has a lot of blue. A lot of these beautiful blue colors. That blue is carried on
on the inside of the bag and on the side. Let me go ahead and
give you a 360 of this. Here is the front. Here is the side, and it
does say Louis Vuitton Paris, Made In France. This is another carabiner, and it has the Louis Vuitton logo there, and then the logo there, the LV. The back. The other side. The top, where the Louis
Vuitton has the zipper. The bottom. And then the inside of this one is blue. There, that gives you a little
bit better shot of the blue. It’s hard to see the blue in this. When I did do the unboxing,
the way the lighting was, you could really see the blue. So if you wanna see that better,
you can check it out there. But it is a bright blue
color, that same cobalt blue on the inside. And then here is the date tag. Like all Louis Vuitton Mini Pochettes, this can be worn on the
wrist or you can unhook this and then hook it over here
and carry it as a little bag. So that is the Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette in the Christmas Animation
2019 with Vivienne in Venice. Last but not least is this piece. This is the Louis Vuitton
Elizabeth Pencil Pouch in the Christmas Animation. This time, we have Vivienne in Shanghai. She is flying in her
balloon over Shanghai. So you see the city here and
in her beautiful balloon. I’ll give you a 360 of this. This is the front. Here is the side. The back is in this beautiful leather. It says, Louis Vuitton
Paris, Made In France. The other side, I just unboxed this, so I haven’t even taken
this plastic off yet. Back to the front. Here’s the top. And the bottom of this piece
is entirely in Vachetta. So that will change color over time. The inside of this
carries the pink through. The inside is this manmade material. It is essentially an Ultrasuede. As I mentioned when I unboxed this, I don’t think this is
the best kind of material to put on the inside of
something meant to hold pencils because it can’t be just wiped down. I mean, you can wipe it down some, but the toiletry cases, you
really can wipe them out. With this, you can’t. I do intend to use pens in here, but I don’t carry a lot of pens. I just like to carry one pen,
so I will put a pen in here and reading glasses,
and then maybe lipstick and that kind of thing. I’m not exactly sure
what I will do with it. If it did have the same
lining as a toiletry pouch, I would love to use something like this to carry makeup brushes when I travel. But as we all know, the
makeup brushes start out clean when you travel, but then
they end up having makeup all over them, and I just
can’t imagine putting that on the inside of this. But I do think that I will
find plenty of uses for this. There they are again, all together. There’s the front. And the back. I hope that was helpful
to you if you are looking at the Louis Vuitton
Christmas Animation this year. Let me know what you think. Which was your favorite pattern? Do you like Vivienne? Did you even like the
Christmas Animation this year? And what did you get or
what do you plan to get? As I mentioned earlier, I
am a fine jewelry designer, and I often talk about
jewelry on this channel. But I also talk about
all aspects of design, including luxury design. If that’s of interest to
you, please do subscribe. I would love to see you here again. Until then. (upbeat music)


  1. I love all of these pieces!!! My favorite is still Venice!!!! I Love that pencil case though and I'm so happy you got it! I've been enjoying my pencil case a lot as well! Thanks for this video, Jill! Can't wait for tomorrow's!

  2. Oh, you took off your bracelet because it was banging on the table, huh? You didn't put it in the shot to mesmerize us with it's beauty and make us feel that we need to have it? 😉 You said the bag charm has a lot of pink including "what she's wearing." She's wearing her pink clochette arms. Are you implying that she can switch out her arms like a Mr. Potato Head? Is Vivienne a Mr. Potato Head dupe!?! cuh-RIB-in-er? Not care-i-BEAN-er? A-gut, a-GA-tay…what's the difference, right? Great comparison! Looking forward to tomorrow's video, whatever it may be.

  3. Oh my such gorgeous details augh I found the charm. One popped up online yesterday so guess what “it’s on its way to me”. I’ve got to stop this madness but just can’t help myself. That pencil case is so adorable too. Thanks for continuing to temp me lol. Great up-close video. Jennifer Xx ❤️

  4. I would use the pencil holder for jewelry when traveling. Don't think I would actually use it for pens and pencils 🥺

  5. Venice is still my favorite, followed closely by Paris. Currently, I have the Paris bag charm. Santa will be bringing the Venice bag charm later this month…😉 I do love the pencil case, because it is a different shape. How many mini pouchettes can you have, right?

  6. Love the pencil case! I wasn’t this piece! Soo cut! Love all three! Thank you Jill!! Make up brushes to carry in this piece is a great idea

  7. Lovely pieces. Thank you for the video. I agree with the comment below, that it is way too nice for pens! The horror of an ink leakage! There is an Australian brand called Oroton which has a pencil case for AUD$69.95 (currently with an extra 20% discount code on the website). The SAs tell me they have no American boutiques, but they do ship internationally. (I am not affiliated with them at all. Not a shareholder either! I tend to be slightly evangelical about the brand because I feel it is underrated here because the prices are low.) Have a great day!

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