Making One of Our Wooden Dip Pens with Ebony, Bocote, Silver and Gold

Making One of Our Wooden Dip Pens with Ebony, Bocote, Silver and Gold

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hello friends I hope you enjoyed my
dad’s been making and video making skills and the one he made in the video
is this composite pen made with two words with ebony and the bulk of the
handle being Bocote an african wood in the middle there is a silver ring with
gold leaves and on the front a removable nib which you can change and understand
is again made from Bocote as you can see it’s a it’s a hard wood mostly yellowish
but with thick black lines going through it same in the handle and at least now I
don’t have to explain many of the processes that are needed to make such a
pen my dad was gracious enough to show some time from his workshop and this is
just one of the total of seven pens that for this collection he wanted them to be
named summer collection because they are made in the summer not not much else
going on there but he’s making so much pain right now that it’s a bit hard for
us to come up with names but we believe that the names are just secondary as
most of these pens just speak for themselves and what tastes the person
has and as you can see this one is again a mahogany style pen with two medallions
carved somewhat into the pan into blunt tip and the stand the stand is made from
another African hardwood named Hiroko and speaking of yaku one of these pens
is entirely made by it you can see it’s a much lighter color than mahogany this
is slightly larger pen as a whole we turn the decorations on silver ring and for some of these we actually wanted
to go up it in the beginning where the first pens were really really delicate with somewhat thicker end and these are
personally my favorites because I really enjoyed this kind of shape I feel it most comfortable and it looks really
nice and one another kind of special one is
this one with its odd shape as you can see it’s a bit flat and yeah but round
on its base and this motif in the end which is actually inspired by bulgarian
shepherds from the past and i believe now as well have these long sticks with
this kind of shape in the end we call them Gega so this is a Gega in pen form
it’s actually used to reel sheep for the livestock from running away so again beautiful collection from my
dad I hope you liked the video and if any of these pens you find is beautiful
as we do find them please feel free to visit our website of these pens
available for sale if you have any questions or need any assistance just
feel free to contact me on any of the social networks or emails or whatever so
once again thank you for watching and your support and I’ll see you next time


  1. My first thought with just the thumbnail that is one awesome pin seeing them all together those are awesome pins😎

  2. You and your dad do beautiful work! Thank you for taking the time to explain each of the pens and what they are made from. Hope to check out your website !

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