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We make DNA jewellery out of
breast milk, umbilical cord and hair. Hello! My name is Ryo. Hi, my name is Ryan Yeah he’s my husband. And she’s my wife. Our family is, I think very important. It’s number one. Everything you do after you start
your own family, is for family. I was a low supply mum so I had very little
breast milk and I was at my last few drops. So I went online and I’m like, okay,
I need breast milk donation. In return, I’ll make something for you. And in two minutes, I had 300 comments. Which was the first moment where
I felt like, “eh, this could be something”. Pink is the most popular colour. We have two separate camps of people. One camp – they are extremely excited about
it. They’ll like, “that’s so cool!” “So meaningful, so memorable!” As a breastfeeding mother you would understand, you’re just going through so much pain,
confusion and self-doubt. And so many sleepless nights. When you have something to remember this journey,
it’s something that’s very important and close to your heart. The other camp, on the other hand,
breastmilk jewellery? “Ew!” “So gross!” I belong to the second camp. What really changed my mind is, We had this one very interesting customer
who came to us and asked us, “Your jewellery, can it last for a lifetime?” I would say, “no, of course not. I can’t give you a life time warranty.” Then she started crying. She had cancer and that’s her last few bags of milk and
she wants something for her children to remember her
by, that can last for generations,
maybe 20-30 years from now. When I face with this kind of story,
I’m very sentimental by nature. I, myself, cried. So that really changed my perception of this
whole business. We managed to get a licensed chemist
to create a method to preserve the breast milk for the purpose of making jewellery. So it actually inspired a whole line of our
jewellery, whereby we use solid gold for our jewellery
and that can actually last for generations. So this is the finished product. And these charms here, are actually made from
my own breast milk and the hair of my two kids. Jewellery with a meaning,
with a feeling attached to it, any thing that make you feel joy,
make you feel happy, reminds you of your family,
your loved ones, to us, that’s a keepsake. And that’s what we really want to do
as Keepsake By Ryo.

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