My Silver Stack (Rounds, Bars, Coins and Bullion) – Are You Stacking Silver?

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I figured I would go ahead and show you guys my silver stack since you’ve been asking to see it hey everyone it’s Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’ve been asked quite a bit to see my collection to see my silver stack and you know what I decided that since I had my silver segregated for the most part I’d go ahead and show it to you today this is a bird’s-eye view of all of it you can see well not all of it I’ve got coin albums that have silver like I’ve got a dime album I’ve got a nickel album and so those are gonna have some more silver in them as well but for the most part for the most part this probably makes up 95% of my silver that I have in stock so take it on go and show it to you we’re gonna run through it kind of quick feel free to pause the video if you want to look at something more in detail but I don’t want this to be a 30 minute video I’m gonna kind of keep it to less than 10 minutes that way you guys can get in get out and see what I got first things first I’ve got a stack of coins here we’ve got a Canadian dollar these are my four and silver coins I’ve got a Canadian half-dollar and a Canadian dollar and I will point out that some of these were gifts from the mail call so I really appreciate that and anything that wasn’t asked to be sent into a for donation or giveaway that’s not in this collection that’s set aside what’s in this collection is what I was gifted what I have found what I have purchased or what I important we’ve got another couple of thorns here ten percent silver Mexican pesos got a couple of those which is really cool we’ve got this commemorative silver as well and then we’ve got some other foreign coins that I’m not going to go specifically into the denominations in the countries but you guys can see them and then some silver dimes down here and some coins from Canada that are silver Guyana which was a gift of course we’ve got a nice Canadian bu toned another Canadian silver dime toned and a 1955 sixpence that silver so that’s the most part most of my silver foreign coins that I have on hand I’ve got a small vial that I’ve started for 1/10 ounce silver rounds and then we’ve got a quarter ounce silver round vial as well I’ve also poured myself some 40 percent silver bars I figured I’d put them in there I will eventually refine these with some nitric acid and pour legitimate silver bars 999 fine but for now I just want to include them since there is five and a half almost six ounces of 40 percent silver in there we got a couple slab coins from super seeker so we got an ounce here of the liberty and unity an eighty three angle art prospector ounce we’ve also got the newly two dollar it’s actually a legitimate piece of money but it’s two ounces there we’ve got another American Silver Eagle right here 2017 we’ve got a buffalo round and we’ve got a small another American Silver Eagle as well so we’ve got some 1 ounce rounds there we’ve got a Silver Eagle right here and another one from Sun Shine minting we’ve got power viewers ride we’ve got another Sun Shine mining these are half ounce rounds and then 1/2 ounce round as well the great white shark really cool so we kind of got these separated by 1 ounces and 1/2 ounce as well as quarter 1/10 and foreign in this box I’m not gonna go through them all these are all of my older at least Ben Franklin or older half dollars dollars like peace dollars and Morgan Dollars and we even have back here I believe we got walking liberties of course and I believe where is it at back here we got some dimes and then in the front we even have some dollar coins where are they at I know there they go Ike dollars that are silver got a couple of those I’m just gonna show you guys a couple of them these are silver Ike’s and then we’ve got some silver clad bicentennials or clad proofs we’ve got a Colombian coin 1893 we’ve got a commemorative from 52 that’s Washington Carver and then I got some silver quarters in here as well so that’s where these are I’m not gonna get I’m not gonna go through all of them you can kind of see the amount of them and these are this is everything but Franklin and above four half dollars but all my silver quarters my silver dimes that aren’t mercury and aren’t for a Roosevelt are not in here either now get to those I’ve also recently been kind of stacking up some silver bars so you can see here we’ve got a couple we got three five ounce bars right here and various mints I do like silver town I do lot like monarch precious metals I do like RMC and I also got this bar from shiny bars that’s pretty cool bar those are all five ounces this is my bar that I just poured it’s a two ounce if you saw my two rounds I went ahead and melted them together made a 2.4 ounce bar now I’ve got a permanent sharpie on here for now because I wanted to lay out where I was going to stamp and I’m gonna end up stamping that I just wanted to kind of get a template for it we’ve got some AP mix 1 ounce fine silver bars as well these are from Australia the think it’s called the Perth Mint we’ve got three of those 1 ounce bars we’ve got a Jaeger I believe yeah Jaeger pour silver I’ve got a 2 ounce there and a couple of 1 ounce acres which I really like we’ve got some vulture peak 1 ounce bars and then again the monarch precious Mouse I’ve got 5 1 ounce bars there as well I’ve got American Silver Eagle that’s uh in that card or in its case we got a kookaburra round figured I’d put that to the side and then these are all my silver graded coins again we’ve got a 69 DCAM sir quarter we’ve got a MS 66 65 low mint silver half we’ve got a PR 69 DCAM silver 1976 half-dollar we’ve got a 1960 proof.proof 67 quarter and then we’ve got an MS 65 82d George Washington commemorative as well that’s just the ones that are silver that I have graded that’s why I pulled them out we’ve almost got what is that one and two thirds vials of silver wartime nickels again not all of them just the ones that aren’t in the albums I’ve got a small little stack here of Mercury dimes I guess pabe I think 17 of them we’ve got basically 43 I believe Roosevelt’s and I had these mixed together as one full roll but then we scored some more Mercury’s lately and that dime box I had end up getting five more so I couldn’t fit it into one so I figured now is a good time to separate the mercs from the Rosie’s under the half dollars now I’ve given away in my live streams almost a hundred total half dollars so and not just live sing just as gifts that I’ve given away to some of yours as well but this is what I have left so we have what is that twelve total 20 stack rolls of them but one’s not full it’s only got a couple of extra so we got 11 20 stacks so 222 half dollars that are not Franklin’s or Walker’s or Barbara’s things like that just the newer modern stuff and those are all 40% and then I’ve got a full file almost two full files and these are 64 Kennedy’s 90 percent as well so we’ve got a couple of those and I know it’s not silver but these are the rounds that I melted from my gold nuggets I had 17 and the last time you saw them and i melted them down to only 11 round so we’re getting a little bit better at pouring them so now we’ve got 11 here and I’m thinking about trying my luck at pouring or making this down to only six half ounce rounds we’re gonna keep working on it but wanted to conclude that just because it’s kind of cool I know I rushed through it but I didn’t want to take more than ten minutes of your time I just to show you my silverstack we’ve really just started stacking since October of last year so we’re almost at the one-year anniversary anyway you’ve been asking to see my silver stack figured this video would go ahead and accomplish that do you have any questions on any coins I have or anything specific you can leave them down below hopefully you enjoyed taking a look at my silver stack if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting thanks for watching and keep stacking that silver

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