NEW American Express Gold  vs The Chase Sapphire Reserve | My Final Thoughts

NEW American Express Gold vs The Chase Sapphire Reserve | My Final Thoughts

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  1. I like how you bring up the annual fee. I feel like everyone keeps trying to compare the two and always try to say the reserve is better but forget you are almost paying double in the annual fee. I would hope you are getting more if you are paying double.

  2. Neither the Gold nor the CSR are starter cards, so I don’t think you can really mention these cards in the same breath as people trying to pick what ecosystem to start with.

    If you’re a beginner and just starting out, Chase is pretty clearly the way to go. The points can be cashed out for 1 cent per point, and there are more domestic travel partners to choose from. Also, the travel portal is easier to use. This is coming from someone who uses the Amex ecosystem almost exclusively and only uses Chase cards for very case-specific purposes.

  3. How do you have both the CSR and CSP at the same time?! Chsse only allows one Sapphire card at a time unless you have the vanilla Sapphire without any rewards! 🤔

  4. Reasons to get the CSR: Flexibility in travel categories, people who travel internationally a lot, travel insurance, priority pass, and preference for UR travel partners.

    Reasons to get Amex Gold: Big spenders on dinning and groceries within the USA, rarely travels outside the USA, has a Visa/Mastercard with no foreign exchange fees already, uses hotel collections, and enjoys using Amex offers, and knows how to maximize incidental credits.

  5. I think the presige, reserve and Platinim are in the same group. Cards primarily used to get points via travel , while the Gold, premiere and freedom (or whatever the chase equivalent is) are your work horses for people who earn points via other things. If you're building a trifecta this is the middle card, to earn a crap ton of points. The annual fee is higher than other cards in this category, but if your dining and groceries are you main way to earn points, no other card is giving you the Return on spend. I also have a everyday card, for the 20% bonus, and no really desire to get any of the chase cards.

  6. I don't think it kills the CSR because the Gold gives 4X on US restaurants only. The CSR gives you 3X on restaurants in the US and internationally too. Plus, at this time, Chase Ultimate Reward points out-value MR points by at least .02 cents. If you don't travel much and eat out often, you're better off with the Gold than the CSR though.

  7. There is something to be said about spreading oneself too thin across too many point ecosystems. Maximizing UR, MR, whatever hotel or airline currencies….yeah, its overwhelming for your average card user.

  8. The CSR makes more sense if you’re using the travel portals only. 4.5 cents per dollar on travel and dining with the CSR vs. 4 cents per dollar with the Amex gold.

  9. I made a short video in comparing CSR and Amex gold.
    My verdict is that: 1) if you use priority pass & travel abroad, go for CSR; 2) If you spend a lot in groceries go for Amex gold

  10. I'm meh on the gold. I have the Amex Platinum and with an effective fee of $50 and centurion lounge access, flying out of DFW I'll definitely take the Platinum over the gold. That said, for me the 4x categories on gold have a lot of opportunity cost to overcome. Between my Freedom, It, Nusenda Platinum Cash Rewards, Vantage West Connect Rewards, and PayPal business debit/PayPal Cash back MasterCard duo, I get restaurants and grocery at 5%/10%/5x UR quite often, if not 3% for all spending with the PayPal setup.

    For me, I have the Amex Platinum for their lounge access etc, and the Sapphire Preferred to utilize the Ink and Freedom cards and transfer points. I also have the Citi Premier and Sears MC for the TY ecosystem for now but we'll see how it all shakes out

  11. Fine words of wisdom- especially on the fact that there is no practical difference between charge and credit cards, if you use the latter properly. That said, Amex is now pushing pay over time options so their cards are not pure charge cards anymore.

  12. I just got the American Express Gold with 50K bonus. I'm really happy because I got those points easily.
    If anyone only found 25K bonus, you can use my referral link with 50K.

  13. The AMEX Gold is no where near killing the CSR. This is some imaginary BS because people are hyped from the AMEX Gold gives you 4X dining and groceries. Look at the facts: If you are a traveler that travels often and dines out often, the CSR is the way to go. You get more points through the CSR because of that and you get travel insurance on your travels as well. The AMEX Gold doesn't reward the traveler and it doesn't have travel insurance. The AMEX Gold is good for the person that doesn't travel often, maybe once a year, and mostly buy groceries and dine out. Two different cards, people! One is a travel card, one is not.

  14. American Express Blue gives 6% cash back on groceries. The negative is that the Grocery store can’t be a department stores. Ex. Walmart, Target or Clubs. -staying on subject.

  15. amex and csr both has benefits.. everyone has different uses… just like a Honda is to a Toyota….Amex has legacy…

  16. This isn't informative, it's just you convincing people to get the Amex Gold. The goal should be to either break even or net positive on the annual fee. For some people it is easier to do that with the CSR. If you want rewards purely for restaurants or groceries then why wouldn't you just get the Amex Blue Cash Preferred or the Uber Visa or something like that? Why pay a $250 annual fee for that?

  17. Something else to consider, AMEX doesnt ALWAYS reward you a 4x multiplier on purchases categorized as "Restaurants", etc. I dont know if its a bug but I currently have an investigation open with AMEX about this. The rep I spoke to told me it depends on where the merchant's business is based (US, etc). Not sure if this is true, but this definitely speaks to how difficult AMEX can be to work with. I've never had any issues with point earnings or redemptions with CSP/CSR. FFT


  18. I just upgraded my Freedom Unlimited to the CSR as I already have the Amex Gold. The $120 dining credit from the Amex Gold is kinda hard to use (at least I find it hard to use) and its only $10 a month. Sure, multiply that by 12 and you get $120 which is cool but I don't think that $10 bucks on top of your monthly spend will break the bank and if you think it will, we should not be talking about credit cards, haha!
    The CSR's credit is way easier to use and your points are, at least, worth 1.5c per point which combined with the ability to earn 3x on dining and travel, it could easily pay off the remaining $150 from its annual fee. Also, I understand that a lot of people don't care about priority pass but we should take in consideration that a premium membership through priority pass is around $500 and it doesn't include guests (they have to pay $27 to get in, I believe) so once you take all that in consideration, even if the annual fee for the gold drops to $30 after the credits, the Sapphire Reserve is worth way more than the Amex Gold from my humble perspective, haha!

  19. I will pick chase reserve over platinum.
    I will pick chase reserve over gold
    I will pick gold over platinum.

    Platinum is too restrictive in credit back and how you earn points
    Gold is also restrictive in flights and the 4x category. Both restaurant and grocery have to be spent in US.

  20. Good thing is that’ chase is a credit card and the gold is Amex. When ever you use charge cards need to pay in full. Chase had flexibility if you did not want to pay in full. But it is always good to pay in full no matter what card you use.

  21. Charge card you need to build your spending power. But as he said in the video. Be careful with the big about you build up.

  22. Tax credit? 400 dollar fee? All wrong?

    Plus having a CSP and CSR at the same time for years?

    This video is an embarrassment.

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  24. Right now gold is going to take out my CSR.
    If chase don’t do something by next year, I will downgrade my CSR to freedom unlimited.
    CSR – actual fee $150 after credit
    Gold – actually fee $30 after credit.

  25. To be honest, the Reserve Card can be compared to the Amex Platinum. I do have the Amex Rose Gold and love all its benefits. And they recently added 4x points on dining worldwide which is a big plus. Here is a link for anyone interested:

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