OMG! I Found A Huge Silver Treasure Hoard Metal Detecting!

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I am having a great day. I am out here hunting Civil War relics or
whatever else I may be able to find in the water I was hunting down this shoreline finding
a few bullets here an there And I started digging a lot of junk and stuff I have my Garrett AT Pro with me today. I was going through the iron picking out a few things here and there and I got a high squeek So I dug it and it was a coin It was a really good coin too. I think you will be pleased with it. So I started hunting around a little bit more and there were more coins. So I wanted to show you. A bunch of halve’s (half dollars) and they all date from the late 1700’s to about 1832. Look at that, look at all of these coins. There is a great big piece of Spanish silver there I do not know how many may be there. But anyway, here is where I am digging. I want to show you more about it and will set the coins down on this rock. So I can keep filming. I am in here, like I said, with the Garrett Garrett AT Pro This is such a wonderful machine, I have dug so much good stuff with it in the last six weeks or so since I got it. Here it is..ummm It has a really good discriminator on it and you can get in amoung the iron and here the good signals. I am not saying I would not have found these with another machine But I probably would not have hunted here with another machine. Listen to this. Here is the hole I am digging. Here that squeak? 86 90. That is another big piece of silver right there. Another one here. 89 That is another big piece of silver. Here is some iron, it is reading 30. If you listen out here, there is a lot of iron. There are pieces of fence wire and nails and stuff. Right in here is more silver, let us go down and check it out. I have no idea what it is. I kind of (woah) kind of dug the hole already. And stuff is getting scattered all around. I do not know if you will be able to see this one or not, oh there it is, right on top.. Right on top. What is it? I do not know what that is, okay, it is another half (dollar). Another 1803 half. Let us grab the machine and run it over here again. I think I hear some more down here. I know heard one over here. Yeah, there is another one right there. Let me reach down there and see if I can find it. I wish, oh there it is, right there on top. It is another half. I do not think I can read the date on this one because it has some crud on it. I will set it over here on this rock. Let us see what else we have. You can hear the iron. There is all kinds of iron in here. There is another squeeker, that is another piece of silver. Let us see what it reads on the meter. Yeah see, see that nice high reading? 90’s This is another piece of silver right here. This one is umm… …is still underneath the rocks. I do not think we will be able to see it. Yeah, I do not feel it right there on top, so… We will get the Pro Pointer out. I have it right here. I have it modified. I put some GOOP on it and I think I showed that to you before. You are not supposed to put it in the water but it works so well… For finding this kind of stuff, so let us go under. Yeah, here it is right in here. That is some nasty stuff right there. That stuff that floats on the river. It is algae that comes up from the bottom and it gathers in these mats. And it smells really, really stinks. It stinks really bad. It smells like 100 ducks are dead inside there. I do not know if it hurts you or not, but I try to avoid it. Yep, here we go. Oh yeah, this is a nice one. It is big. Definitely a nice one. What is it? Wow, a five Franc! I have never found one of these things. This is a big old… French coin. five Franc I do not know where the date is on these things. There it is right there. 1828 Look at the shape that thing is in! Wow! Oh man, this is just, this is just, I have never had a day… Like this. This is just so freaking cool! Hear that squeak? That is another one right there. Another one right there, let us go underneath and see if we can find it with the Pro Pointer. I wish there was a little more current here so we could actually get under that water, but umm… You will not be able to see anything. You can hear all of the iron. Sounding off on the… …AT Pro. There is so much iron in here. There she is! There she is! What is it? wow, another half. Wow! 1834 Yeah, there is definitely a good single in here. Let us fan that a little bit. Let us get the Pro Pointer back out and get it back down in the hole. and she what she is. Yeah, I think there is more than one in here, that is what the problem is… I am chasing them around. There we go. We are getting down to it. Oh yes, I have one. Definitly have another one. Sweet! That one is shiny too. Check it out! Wow. 1834 another half Let us run the machine over here again. There is definitely something else there! Let us explore this one. Get the Pro Pointer out again. Go under. We are close, very close. There she is! Let us see what it is. Oh yes, check it out! Another half! And I thought I was so lucky earlier this year when I found the umm… 1813 coin This is another 1834. Let us listen again. There are more down there! I do not know how many may be there in this hole. But we are going to find out, are we not? There are so may rocks, that it is hard to get hold of these things. I have it. Wow! There are two of them! Another great big one. What is this thing? I can not believe this! This is amazing! I have never found one of these and I have now found two of these. 17 umm.. Check it out! 1795! Beautiful shape and there is another half right behind it. This is so amazing, so amazing. Let us see what else is down here. Oh yes.. the Pro Pointer… oh yes. Pro Pointer is definitely saying that there is definitely more here. What do we have? It is another one. Check it out! Check it out! 1832 half and a… why is this one so shiny? That is weird. Another little Spanish coin. It is a little more worn. 1789 Wow! You can see the hole I am digging out has a ledge. And as I am digging it out, there are coins in there. Listen to the machine and I will show you what the AT Pro sounds like. Nice 85, a high pitched squeak. It is a little jumpy. See, we have another one over there, another on over here… It is a little jumpy, but there is a real good reason for that. Because there are a bunch of coins down there. Let me show you what they look like. Unfortunately I have muddied up the water a little bit so this may not work as well as I had hoped. But let us go under and check it out. Then I will pan over to what I have already dug. Let us go under and see what I am digging. I have not looked at these coins yet and do not know what they are. Big chunks of silver, big Spanish coins. Look at that! I do not even know what that is! That is not Spanish? I have no idea. It has a globe on it. That is a big Spanish coin, 1779. Any idea? (Here are the coins I put on the rock as I dug them) I dug all of those today. A huge handful of coins and I do not know what some of them are, they are foreign. A lot of U.S. halves. It was an amazing, amazing day. I can honestly say that I would not have dug these things if I had not been using the Garrett At Pro. I would have walked right through here because of all of the fence wire. Absolutely amazing. I wanted to show you what I ended up with. This is the result of 5 or 6 trips to that site. I ended up with 178 silver coins. And not a single copper coin in the lot, which is pretty amazing. 126 of them are U.S. halves. I have 19 8-Reale coins. And other little odds and ends. Everything dates from between the 1750’s to… Up to about 1837. I think that is my newest coin. Here is a close-up view of a few of these. The top row is 2-Reale coins I have 5 5-Franc coins The dates are 1823 to 1828. This one is Napoleon. This date is 1814. Over here we have other foreign coins. There is Mexico and there is Peru. This is a coin from Brazil and is my favorite coin. It is really neat looking and is dated 1815. I really like that coin. Here is another coin from Peru. More 2 Reale coins. The top row and a half is 8-Reale coins. They are nice big heavy Spanish coins. They turned out really nice. Check it out… I have said that too many times…sorry about that. A bunch of halves. Let us go down and I will show you a couple of them. This is a really neat one. It has a counter-strike on it. I do not know if you can read it. It says “Hoauk’s Panacea” Baltimore. Here are some nice shiny ones here. The 1832’s turned out really nice. Check out the back of that. Look at the eagle on it. It is a beautiful coin. It has pretty good detail. I hope you can see that. There is an 1807 there. That is about it right there. That is a nice pile of coins. There are 6 and 1/2 pounds of coins (silver) there. It was a really good spot and I look forward to going back there next summer. I don’t think there will be too many left there. Bur again, I found all of these coins with the Garrett AT Pro I do not think I would have done better with any other machine. I have 3 other water machines I have used over the years and the AT Pro has a better discriminator on it. It works so good and you can get right in there among the iron. I am really happy I had it this summer. I had a really good summer with that machine. Right now I am working with the AT Gold and have been able to get out with it for a few days and did really well with it. This is it for me this year. All of the rivers are up now. Fall is here and the water is getting cold. I hope you guys can get out and make some videos for yourselves. And post up some good relics. I will be looking for them. And I will see you next summer with some more water videos. Thanks a lot and good luck to you!

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