Outride Bike Challenge – Gold Rank ( Days Gone Gameplay Challenge mode )

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hello guys today I will continue playing
the challenge bike challenge in the game Days Gone this is one of the fucking
hardest challenges I fucking hated but I tried to beat it today even I failed
100 of times please this time I must make it fucking freakers yeah I’m still alive please I have to make it today otherwise it
will break my fucking play station 4 and the game Days Gone god damn it yeah this bridge yeah I almost missed it Trying to do some drifting here yeah please please
almost Silver please please I must not die oh yes Silver
please try my best oh yeah almost 90,000 points Oh My God this fucking police car it’s
obstructing me I must not fail here again otherwise I will break my fucking
PlayStation 4 Oh up to almost to it
I made it please yeah thank you God thank you so much oh my god you know
that I’ve been trying this challenge for almost about two weeks to subscribe
thank you lady woman yeah Matt much oh my god
thank you very much for watching

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