Paraiba Tourmaline :The fascinating story of a rare gem

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When we talk about the world of gemstones, we think directly about diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. However, many beautiful gemstones are unknown by the public. And they can be more expensive than the ones that we know in general. indeed, we are talking about the beautiful Paraiba Tourmaline, one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. Dior and Tiiffany & Co were the first to use Paraiba tourmalines in their jewels. Even some clients like Taylor Swift, Salma Hayek were wearing this stunning stone and they attracted many people in the jewelry world. who speDo you know the story ? First discovered in the 1980s by Heitor Dimas Barbosa who spent years digging in the hills of the Brazilian state of Paraiba on a hunch that something special was hidden there – he must have known he had hit the jackpot when he set eyes on his first, neon-bright Paraiba tourmaline The Paraiba tourmaline was first introduced to the gemstone world at the annual Tucson gem show in early 1990. It caused an immediate sensation. Top specimens sold for as much as $3,000 per carat. The market demand for Paraiba tourmaline was so strong and the supply so limited, that it became almost impossible for gem dealers to buy stock. However, in 2001 some similar copper-bearing blue-green tourmaline was discovered in Nigeria, though the color saturation was not as good as the Brazilian material. Then in 2005, a third find was made, this time in Mozambique. The Mozambican material was found in a range of colors, from green to blue-green or violet, with a color similar to the Brazilian Paraiba. In fact the Mozambican paraiba is often cleaner than the Brazilian (which tends to be heavily included) and is found in larger sizes. The new finds of copper-bearing tourmaline led to a vigorous debate in the gemstone community about whether the term “Paraiba” should be used for the African copper-bearing tourmaline.

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