Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Trust the Silver Ranger? (Catching Some Rays Episode)

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I should have listened
to you, Grandfather. I thought you made rules for no reason, but you do it to keep us all safe, even after you’ve gone. You’re still my hero. Guys, we finally
re-established communication with the Silver Ranger. We’re on our way. Terrible new fellow Rangers. The Dark Energem has resurfaced. [Keeper] Oh no. No. What’s the Dark Energem? The 10 Energems were
formed from pure good, but the Dark Energem
formed from pure darkness left after their creation. The universe must be
protected from it’s great evil. Now that I know it’s location,
I plan to destroy it. It cannot be done. If you give me data on
your Zords and Megazords, I may be able to destroy it. Give him all of our data? Is that safe? If we do nothing, the Dark Energem endangers the past, present and future. [Silver Ranger] You
won’t regret it my friends. I’ll being the data transfer now. This may be our only chance.

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