Rueger Metal Fold technique For Your Jewelry

Rueger Metal Fold technique For Your Jewelry

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  1. Mark Nelson is an artist!!!!! I really enjoy watching his techniques. Explains things very well. Do more Mark!

  2. I have a crappy hammer and did this in 26G copper…. it took roughly 8.7 million times to get my piece to finally curl…. but it DID finally work. I think he's working with this $45 hammer from Rio: Fretz PrecisionSmith Hammer, Riveting, HMR-406

  3. i tried this with 26g copper. the edges barely curled after going over it 10-15 times 🙁 I'm not sure what i am doing wrong.

  4. he saying hes using fretz cross peen hammer but is it? The one I saw on the rio website looks much thinner and smaller this one looks more like a rounded narrow raising hammer????? help…which hammer is he using? thanks a lot!

  5. Hi. I used the narrow raising hammer HMR3 our number is #112463. This was one of the funnest things I’ve ever made. Enjoy.
    Mark N Tech

  6. Hi. 112463 would work but the head is a little light for 18 gauge in my opinion and you will have to put a little more force behind each blow. Other alternatives are 112409 or 112401, these are heavier. They are also rather rough when you get them and the heads need to be shaped slightly and polished before using.
    I hope this helps
    Mark N Tech

  7. I'm confused as well. Mark said on the video it is a crosspeen hammer and then he says in his comment its a raising hammer. I want to purchase the right one. The next challenge is the sterling silver. I understood 26 gauge; however, some of you said it wouldn't curl. And 26 gauge on rio comes in various thicknesses. Which one? I want to know the weight of the anvil he's using.

  8. Hi Catherine, Crosspeen is a larger category of hammers that includes raising, forging and so on. It’s a hammer that has a thin head perpendicular to the handle. In the video i use a #112463. You can use any type of cross peen hammer you like, some will be better than others at some tasks. The “Fold Forming “ book 550854 explains it better. All 26 gauge is the same thickness. That was a small anvil we no longer carry but you can do the same technique on steel bench block if you have one. Mark

  9. Thank you Mark. I'm much clearer now. I was looking at the set you sell for $210. I don't believe it has the 112463 in it, different brand.

  10. Thank goodness that woman was there!  I don't think I could have made any sense of this video if she wasn't standing there asking one obvious question after another.

  11. I am really loving this fold forming. It adds a ton of dimension and I am going to experiment with this, thank you Master Mark, you are one of my favorite teachers! Tommy

  12. What an interesting technique.  I really want to try this.   Thank you so much for the demonstration 🙂

  13. Thank you for your video. Very clear and enlightening.
    You used metal scissors that did not curl the metal (like mine does 🙁 ). Can you please write the catalog Number of the scissors so I can order it. Thanks

  14. Hello I would like to ask is it the same technique used to make these ancient boat shaped earrings? Or is it something else?

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