Setting a Bezel Set Gemstone : Burnishing a Bezel Stone Setting

Setting a Bezel Set Gemstone : Burnishing a Bezel Stone Setting

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The last step in the actual setting process
is to burnish the actual edge of the setting. Now I happen to use a tool that I custom made
which has a tiny groove in the edge of it but you can also use a flat faced graver like
this one or even a traditional engraving tool such as one of these with a sharp flat edge
on it. What I’m going to do is lay the little groove against the edge of the setting and
actually work it around the edge here. What this is going to do is push down the edge
of the setting just a little bit curling it and tightening, doing the final tightening
of the stone and visually finishing the edge of it. We’ll just work our way around the
outside of the stone here and when you’re done you should be able to see no gap between
the metal and the edge of the stone. Let’s see, then after I use this I like to take
square edged graver and just lightly run it across this just to give it a visually finished
look but first let’s get this nice and tight and then I’ll take this graver like this right
around that edge for a nice finished look and there we go. We are actually finished
setting the stone.


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