Silver Pipe to the Head, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

Silver Pipe to the Head, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

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OFFICER: What’s going on? WOMAN: There was a
black guy on a bicycle. He came riding from
that direction. He said that Tatiana
was kidnapping and because my boyfriend’s– OFFICER: Where’s your boyfriend? – –white– he left. OFFICER: Mm. – But because he was white he– – Where’d he go? – –hit him in the
head with a pipe. I don’t even know who
he’s talking about. – What were you doing
when you got hit? Were – Eating– eating– eating a sandwich. – Did he say anything to you? – You know what? He was rattling a bunch of– something about, you
Aryan mother [BLEEP].. OFFICER: Where’d
he get that from? Do you know the guy? MAN: No, I’ve never
met him before. I just– I looked
up, he was there. OFFICER: OK. MAN: You know? And he just went, pow! OFFICER: And he
hit you with what? MAN: A steel pipe. OFFICER: A steel pipe? About how big was it? Do you remember the color of it? – It could have been– it could have been,
like, handlebars or some from a bicycle or something. That’s what it looked
like– silver, you know? OFFICER: And how did he hit you? Was it overhand? was it the– – Overhand. Pow! MAN (OVER RADIO): [INAUDIBLE] OFFICER: Put your
hands in the air! MAN: All right! – Get off the bike,
lay on the ground. Do not grab anything. – I don’t have a gun. OFFICER: Lay down! MAN: What is this? – 41, we got one at gunpoint. Lay out. Hands down in front of you. Got him? OFFICER: Yeah. Grab the pipe. [PIPE CLANKS] OFFICER: Somebody’s telling
me that you hit them with that pipe. – The same people who
called you and told you I have a dead body in my house? OK? Who shot the gun in my
house told you that? OFFICER: The guy
they told us to hit him has a crease in his head. – They’re very [INAUDIBLE]. – Being transported to
the hospital right now. OFFICER: I need the
truth, because that guy– – I’m gonna give you the truth. OFFICER: All right. – He pushed me, I pushed back. I had the pipe in my hand. Right, now watch, here,
I’m getting up and– just hold your hands– OFFICER: Uh-huh. – –and boom. OFFICER: Oh, so he hit
himself in the fight? – Exactly. You know what I’m saying? OFFICER: All right. All right. MAN: And I’m like, whoa. You feel me? Then he said, oh, I’m
all right probably, man. OFFICER: And he left? So is that the guy that you saw? OK. And you saw him
physically hit him? – Yeah. – Does this look like the
pipe that he was hit with? WOMAN: Yes. – This is it? WOMAN: Uh-huh. – OK. – OK. All right, man. Here’s the deal,
you’re going to be going to jail for the assault. – That’s not right, man. OFFICER: Basically,
what’s going to happen– – They beat me in the
head with hammers– OFFICER: Hey, listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. – Burnt my house down,
take my niece and rape her, and all I do is ask him, don’t
let them use you like this. They’re all the same– OFFICER: OK. OK. – –Aryan thing, man. – We have multiple– – Witnesses. – –identifying you– – I said– – –striking the victim. – What you’re telling me is
going to be in the report, and then the
district attorney is going to decide what’s
going to happen with that. OFFICER: Where’d he go? Where he go? Come here! Get on the ground. MAN: What? [GRUNTS] – Get on the ground. WOMAN: Are you
fucking kidding me? – Stop! WOMAN: [INAUDIBLE] – Don’t move. You stay there.


  1. Black guy breaks white mans skull because he's white, and doesn't get charged with a hate crime.
    Why should I have expected anything else?

  2. More evidence of where the actual systemic racism lives in America, it's not with Caucasians, quite the exact opposite. Pure and simple racism!

  3. It happens all the time ! Cops being called for dead bodies in your house. And guys hitting themselves over the head with your handlbars

  4. If we could just ship all these damn Aryans back to whatever arya they come from, this country would be so much better off.

  5. If it was the other way around it would be on every news station for 100 weeks but since the victim is a white guy no one gives a shit

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