Silver Score – Hunting Eisenhower (Ike) Dollars and Half Dollars!

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so one of the tellers just texted and
said that they might have well they do have 70 big Ike dollars and $25 in
half’s that a customer brought in I don’t know if they know that there was
tweet silver or regular clad but I wasn’t going to ask a lot of questions I
just said thank you very much I’m going there right now so I figured I’d give a
little recording ahead of time as I Drive there just in case we have
something epic that I show you when I get back to the car let’s go alright guys so I don’t know how lucky
I’m gonna be I don’t know if you could see this but there’s the Chase Bank back
there they gave me a box that they put him in and so I didn’t really get a good
look at the coin so I have a candidum I’ve only looked too much but I did see
something in the box that is silver for sure it looks like it’s a half-dollar so
I don’t know if I gonna get anything good but she also let me know that the
guy said that he’s got several hundred more coins and I said girls as soon as
he calls you or brings in more call me that’s the camera round let’s let me
show you the silver that I see I should say and then we’ll see what else we got
let’s take a look so this is the box I haven’t really look through it yet but
that is a silver edge for sure and I think it’s just a half-dollar oh my
goodness it’s a 90% silver half-dollar a 90% silver half-dollar off the bat so
we’ve got two rolls a halves plus five other coins but I’m just gonna grab the
Mike dollars by the edges and I don’t see any silver ones here so what I’m
gonna end up doing is looking to see if there’s a 73 in here as well
but I’m gonna set all the ice dollars to the side let me look at the Ike dollars
a stack at a time nothing in that stack will set these over here for now it’s
gonna be messy this is gonna slide all over the place actually I’m just gonna
put them right there for now we’ll grab another handful no silver ones there
another handful no silver ones there looks like probably not gonna get any
silver Ike’s today which I’m okay with we still can
check for the different varieties as well as any 73 ‘s and see if we find
those another handful OOP I thought I heard
silver right there nothing in there silver half dollars in there and we know
we’ve already got one silver half dollar so that’s always a good score no silver
here this one’s kind of nice edge 77 though hiked down over here sorry for
the camera guys are doing this at my lap no silver edges there check down here so
yeah the dollar coins are striking out I think we’ve got one more right here and
it’s not silver so that’s all the dollar coins I don’t think we got an issue she
said he said he had a lot more dollar coins so maybe we’ll get some silver
ones here’s the five dollars in half so we’ve got a 68 we’ve got a Bicentennial
that doesn’t want hurt silver again 74 74 those almost 74 DS look at this a
1960 Ben Franklin out of Denver that’s 2000 2000 another 1964 and a 71 all
right so dollar coins and clad halves so far in the first $5 a halves
we’ve got 260 fours a Ben Franklin and a 68 and now we have two rolls to go
through so I’m gonna do this as best I can
one-handed so it’s all one cut forgive me if it doesn’t come out very good
we’re just gonna dump I here silver so that’s that 1968 another 44 Center of 80
and a 74 oh goodness gracious looks like we got a couple of silvers there a 71 in
a 72 a 66 and a 66 and a 74 when I see a Bicentennial over here so we’ll toss
that aside grab a couple more we’ve got more silver so we’ve got a 68 Bicentennial punch another 1964 and a 71
let’s take this last stack that’s gonna be silvery licious oh my goodness so a
68 72 and I’ll to check all these for any errors of varieties that’s got an SG
only because they’re mixed in here another 64 a Bicentennial
a 67 another 64 74 and a 67 so in the first 15 dollars we’ve got one two three
four five six seven dollars in the first 15 are silver and we’ve got another roll
again I’m gonna apologize for this probably the terrible filming but I want
to do this live with you guys oh my goodness
silver Endor if I can get this open silver ender come on buddies come out
there we go oh you hear this over you hear this silver let’s grab a handful
right here yeah that’s gonna be fun 96 another 64 72 a 65 a 66 a 66 a Bicentennial and an 89 grab another
handful oh my goodness that looks beautiful 66 72 another 64 Bicentennial
a 64 huh a 66
a 66 and last temple maybe I can get on one looks like three more oh and oh the
Ben Franklin 1963 pretty common probably a Denver it is a 2001 another 64 79 and
a 66 Wow so that’s the clad but I’m keeping those
Ike dollars and this is the silver we got one two three four five six seven
fifty and forty percent one two three four five 50 and 90
percenter so 13 dollars of the 25 dollars in halves were silver with 550 B
and 90 percenter 90% and 2p and Ben Franklin’s what a score I wish would
have had some Ike dollars that were silver but I’m not going to complain
make sure I didn’t miss the silver that looks pretty shiny back here no 72 all
right I’m not gonna complain guys that is a ridiculous holy cow it pays to have
a relationship with bankers so there you have it that is epic I told them please
please please call me if any more come in and now is before I even saw these
hopefully you enjoyed this half dollar and Ike dollar car hunt if you did I’d
appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for

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