Summer Gypsy Earrings-Dangle Boho Jewelry Tutorial

Summer Gypsy Earrings-Dangle Boho Jewelry Tutorial

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Hi there, Sandy here. Welcome to another jewelry making video at Today I’m going to show you how to use filigree,
just about any filigree you can find, add some colorful beads and turn it into a great
gypsy summer pair of earrings. So I saw a pair of earrings on Pinterest that
I really liked the color combination and they used an antique gold chandelier earring finding. Now I was very disappointed to go into my
stash and find I had none. No antique gold chandelier earring findings. So then I started taking a closer look at
what I did have. I have a lot of filigree pieces like these
bead caps and I said, “Well gee, these all started out life as flat pieces of metal and
then they were shaped into the bead caps. What if I flatten them back out again?” So like this one flattens out to this, which
isn’t quite what I had in mind for a chandelier finding, but definitely something to keep
in mind for in the future. You can shape these and it might make an interesting
link. These are ‘x’ shapes or ‘+’ shapes. Something to play with later on, but that
wasn’t quite what I had in mind. And then these ones are pretty cute. And I’ve got a pair of flat nose pliers to
just, again they’re bead caps, but they were stamped flat first and then shaped and that’s
really cute, as are these, but they’re a little small for what I had in mind. Then I came to these and actually just started
flattening them out with my fingers. Now these are kind of welded together so it
doesn’t go completely flat without snipping some things, but I thought that was really
cute. What a different look you get just flattening
it out from the bead cap shape. And in fact, here’s an earring I made using
that. That was my finding. I basically turned it into a chandelier earring
finding. However, then I found these in my stash. They were in a completely different place
because they were sold as chain. These were linked together with other pieces
of filigree and I don’t know why I had them in with chain because they’re obviously not
chain. I’m going to use these filigree pieces today. Just because you don’t have the exact same
thing or the thing that you have in mind doesn’t mean you have to run out to the store or place
an order online. Take a look at your stash and see what you’ve
got that you can modify slightly. The next thing I did after choosing my filigree
piece was I selected my colors. Like I said, I was inspired by a photo of
a pair of earrings I saw. I usually don’t go for the blue/yellow/red
combination, but what I really loved about this one was that it wasn’t blue, but turquoise
and there was also some orange and metallic thrown in and something about that combination
just screamed summer to me. So what I have here is a bunch of beads. I have a few of each color. I’ve got a few shades of turquoise. I’ve got a couple shades of red and orange. I’ve got different sizes and shapes, but they’re
all somewhere around 4mm. Got cubes and crystals and nuggets and then
there’s some round antique gold beads, some little pumpkin shaped ones and then even some
little daisy spacers. And so I’m just going to make..let’s call
it the gypsy summer boho mix. Ha, whatever. Just really bright, cheerful, happy colors. To tie it all together I thought I would put
the same bead at the bottom of each and I chose these little squares, which when you
wire them up they’re diamonds and I thought they would look really cute dangling at the
bottom. So what you’ll need are some head pins and
for each dangle you just want to string..I did 1″ of beads, but you can do however long
you want them. It does make a fairly long dangly pair of
earrings. You could do just a half inch of beads, but
I did an inch of beads on my head pins and I just tried to let it be random and picked
up the next bead that came my way. I just love the look of that. It’s so bright and cheerful! I’ll take off that last one. So I have eye pins with the loop on one end. That’s what you start with and you make a
loop at the other end and I love using my One Step Looper. If you want to learn more about this awesome
time-saving tool, I’ve done a whole Friday Findings video on review of it and how to
use it, but it just makes a perfect loop on the other end for you. So repeat to make however many of these that
you want. My earrings have five dangles each. The little dangles that go on the end, I have
here some ball head pins and it’s funny. When I got these, somebody sent them to me,
these little tiny short 1″ ball head pins, I said, “What good are those?” and then I
realized they’re perfect for this kind of thing because you’re not wasting a lot of
the wire. Just sliding one of these onto each of these
little ball head pins and making a loop. There. And you want to do that for as the same amount
of times as you have dangles. So once you have all of your dangles and your
head pins or eye pins full of beads, then it’s time to put them together just by opening
the loops and connecting them. So I hope you’ve been inspired by my videos
and if you found this one helpful, I hope you might consider becoming a patron. Patronage is a way for the people who enjoy
a particular art form to support the artist. It’s an old concept and these days it’s done
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templates, bonus videos, behind the scenes, sneak peeks and such. Just my way of saying thank you and you guys
get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to keep these tutorials coming for
free for everybody. So just attach the little dangle to one end
of the head pin, eye pin, and then I’m gonna open this one and attach it to my filigree
where you can see I’ve already attached all the others. Now it will depend on the style of filigree
that you have, how many dangles you have and what the spacing is. Just make sure that all of your loops are
securely closed. If you’re interested in the supplies I used,
you should click on the little link that’s in the upper right of the video where I will
have product links and supply lists and more information. So you just go ahead and add an ear wire and
your earrings are done. So be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. Take a look at my Patreon page for how you
can get rewards and help support these tutorials. Happy creating. Bye bye.


  1. As a Patron , I really enjoy giving back to the creative world Sandy . Thanks for the great tip , Stash I've got plenty of 🙂 !

  2. the one you flattened out and looks like a cross why couldn't you make a birthstone cross necklace for a mothers day gift by adding small gemstone beads that's what I would try just an idea thrown out there☺

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