“Terra Mineralia” in Freiberg (Germany) – the largest private collection of minerals in the world

“Terra Mineralia” in Freiberg (Germany) – the largest private collection of minerals in the world

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If you are a geologist, a novice artist looking for inspiration, or just a lover of beautiful things, the Museum of Terra Mineralia in the historic Freiberg castle Freudenstein will generously reward you for the time spent in it. The well-known collector of minerals Erika Pohl-Ströher, though a Swiss by nationality, was born in Saxon Germany. Her collection as a whole numbered more than 80 thousand minerals, precious stones and meteorites and was collected for 60 years, it is called the largest private collection of minerals, precious stones and meteorites in the world. In 2004, Ms. Ströher generously offered to transfer more than 3,500 of her best “samples” to the Freiberg Mountain Academy, provided that they were properly looked after, and that the samples would be made available to the general public. This collection is currently the lion’s share of the museum’s exposition. The collection is located in the historical castle of Freiberg, beautifully restored and reconstructed specially for this collection. Four halls are brilliantly exhibited samples from Africa, America, Asia and Europe, each of which is made in its own style, which creates a sense of continuous movement for visitors “around the world.” Exhibits from Australia are a separate unit. In the museum, in addition to all there are corners, where you can look at the minerals in the dark with ultraviolet illumination. For scientists and students, samples are available for research and study, since many of them are obtained from regions that no longer exist. Also, the museum has an interesting proposal for those who have a mineral or a breed, which I want to know more about. At the preliminary request, for 14 days, the staff of the museum using an electron microscope will perform a mineral analysis for you.

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