1. Great Channel my friend I grew up in Arvada and worked as a stagehand at the Red Rocks as a rigger lighting technician I support and follow your channel now

  2. 26:03 do some video zoom into the area behind you, swore i heard a whistle earlier. 29:58 i think you just removed another "spark plug". just after this is a weird noise, like a woodpecker, but not. noticed it earlier too, same area. Lots of timestamps, you are definitely being watched.

  3. Devastace prirody !! Presne tak se to nedela !! Nechapu jak se toto video muze nekomu libit?! Co takhle po sobe uklidit? Nejenom vykopat a nechat volne lezet?! Pokud takto bude vice lidi kopat a neuklidi po sobe nase deti si uz nezasutraci, jelikoz vsude bude STOP a ZAKAZ kopani a sbirani mineralu / krystalu !!!

  4. Hi, could you let us know, what are the regulations for going out digging like this?. I mean do you need permits or is it ok to just go dig anyplace except privert land ?? thanks

  5. Poor ol' Colorado just isn't what it was when I was a kid growing up there back in the 1920's. Breaks my heart. At least I don't have long to live with it. Colorado will have to live with its scars for as long as there is an earth.

  6. he was so freaked out by a normal full size black widow spider then at 34.10, he's reaching into a pocket of fluorites and he disent even notice that there were 3 black widow egg sacs right in that pocket, at leasrt he had on gloves.

  7. Probably a Sasquatch, I have seen one tear a tree that was about 3 or four feet wide right out of the ground, like it was nothing! P.s. those were black widows!

  8. You say it being cold has you upset well I’ll tell you like my daddy told me if your to cold you ain’t working hard enough

  9. This is a great video I am visiting family in CO Springs in a few months would you be willing to give me some good areas to go rockhounding while I am there?
    We are also making a trip to Denver for the day so anything different there would be great. Also

    My daughter and I Love rocks. We will have my brother who knows the area, but he isn’t into rocks so he would have no clue on that.

    Thanks for your time

  10. Do you know if flourite Crystal's are found much in Co.? Are there any open places there where you can go dig and find your own gemstones? I'm going to be out to Denver the last wk of July and around Aug 6th. Would really appreciate some tips on good places to hunt! Thanks for your informative videos!

  11. 31:00 is the dead tree some sort of protection against falling rocks or stability to the ground, or just some wind shelter?

  12. Some wonderful mineralization on that quartz right after you saw the spider. I would have followed that seem too! Great luck catching that large flock of turkeys on video.😉

  13. Hey bud I'm in town from Oklahoma if you wanna hunt some Chrystal I could sure use a good dig my first time in Colorado can you help a brother out ?

  14. Hey man, I doubt you'll end up reading this any time soon but I was wondering if you have tips for beginning rockhounders. I just recently got into gemology and minerals and all that but I don't have much experience with anything like this stuff.

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