¡Unboxing Kawaii Box Magical Adventure! + SORTEO INTERNACIONAL | MOA’s World

¡Unboxing Kawaii Box Magical Adventure! + SORTEO INTERNACIONAL | MOA’s World

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Hi everyone! Welcome once again to MOA World. We come with new unboxing, new international draw
from Kawaii Box. Makes a
month we were doing an unboxing and a raffle from Kawaii Box and they told me if they could send me
another box because I think it’s Christmas special, I’m not sure, and so make a new draw. Many participated and wanted to win the
box. So at the end of the video I explain the draw. Here we have the box as always, super
Pretty and let’s go there. Here you have a code as always
to get a free gift in your Next order, is Kawaiify. This is the little box, here comes the brochure
with photos of people doing the unboxing and here we have the things that we will read later,
Let’s see what they are. I want it to be a surprise. It puts Magical Kawaii Adventure. It’s November, it has reached me late. It’s the November box. Let’s see what it brings. It is quite fancy. As I see it is inspired by Sailor Moon
For this drawing. I’ve never seen him but I know him. We will discover what it takes. We have this keychain, a stuffed animal. It is a super soft blue jellyfish. It’s a stuffed animal, always carries a key ring or
Plush this type of boxes. You have many unboxings on the channel, you are already
accustomed Take balls so you can sit the
Jellyfish and can sit. I like it as decoration. We go with the following. I do not know what it is. I show you to see if you find out before
me what is it I think it’s food. It is in Japanese and I do not understand. If there is someone who knows Japanese, let us
say it. Yes, it is some food. Oh, it’s broken … It’s a little fish, it smells super
Well, like strawberry or blackberry. Let’s see, I don’t want to stain. It comes with a pink part and the other in blue. Let’s break a little to try it. Look, inside it is filled with a mousse
of blueberries It’s blueberries and it’s what it smelled so much. Now that has opened. It’s good, it’s rich. This is like the bauble cookie. I will leave it here. Let’s go with the following, what is this. It is a bag. A bag has never come to me, it’s a gift,
it suits me for Christmas, to give it away With a bracelet and things like that. It’s like the ones they sell in decoration stores. Curious, a bag has never come to me. Let’s go with this. What is this? Is it a fan? No. Is it a flashlight? It is
Like a magic wand I’m going to take this away from the strip
stack and if I give it here, it does nothing. Oysters It’s funny, for people who like Sailor
Moon will love it. The following is this. It is like a decoration detail. I love stuff like this. It’s a glass bottle that carries its cork
and carries two rolls of paper and bright as if it were a glass bottle that you have
Found in the sea with a letter. It is decorative for the shelf. I like these things a lot. Let’s go with the following, a little mermaid for
hair. Here is the fork, it’s a Little Mermaid
Princess. I’m sure I’m going to give it away because I know about
someone who will like it very much, is very pretty for the hair or for a brooch, for a jacket
or something like that. Let’s go with the following, what is this. It’s a sheet, how pretty. I’m going to keep this one, it’s from a fairy and a
Unicorn. Everything is very fancy. Go, if it’s a mirror. How cool, alas I break it. It’s a pocket mirror, it comes with a print
of a hadita and a unicorn. I almost broke it, but it’s very pretty. Manga drawings lose me. I like them very much. We could not miss our super stickers,
Rainbow and unicorn stickers. They are like 3D with gold. What a beautiful thing! I love stickers. I don’t know if there is anything else left, they are more stickers. They are precious stones. I really like to do makeup,
you can use them to decorate notebooks, folders or mobiles. Here it says it can be used to decorate
Gifts or even letters. Very good. And for today, there is the November box. Oh no, a pen. A mermaid tail pen. Paint in black, gel. I love them, it has a super thin tip. This is how holographic, to see if you see it
good. I have some brushes that are the same
only instead of a pen it is a brush, and it is used for nails I have some brushes like that, but there never was
seen in pen, I like it a lot. I keep them because I feel sorry to spend them
and I have them decorative in a box. Let’s review to tell me what it is
What you liked most. Today I went fast. We have the octopus key first,
It is not a jellyfish. It’s super cute. The following are the stickers. They are also very pretty, they wear glitter
and all. We have the bag, which is another gift. Next we have the magic wand. Then we have the wish letter in the bottle Then we have this from Blackberry and strawberry. The things that have the Japan Candy Box and this
They are usually quite rich. Then we have the mermaid tail pen. It is supposed to be a superheroine. The hook for the hair, super cool. In this box you have a mysterious item,
that in this case I have received the stones bright adhesives, but depending on
the box you receive one thing or the other. They customize it according to what you like most,
They sent me this, but they sent it according to the tastes you have. Here you have all
the information, I leave you in the information box the link to the Kawaii Box website if you want
subscribe You can do it monthly or quarterly and you
They send a box like this home. Now, the draw. It will be as always. You have to go to the information box
and there will be the draw link. You have to put name and email. With that you have a participation, you can
Get more shares. On the next page you get social networks,
if you meet the requirements you will have more points. For example follow me on social networks. The more you do, the more chances of
what I touch you. Good luck, see if you get the
Kawaii Box because they make international shipments, It will reach you anywhere in the world. I don’t know if January will arrive, surely
You will have two weeks to participate. I will remember you on social networks. The sooner you participate, you do not forget. I leave here social networks in case
you want to ask and so that you are attentive, I will contact you by email to the winner. The day I say I have already contacted
the person, because if in a few days you don’t answer, we will do the draw again because there are people
that has the abandoned email and we need A winning person. We say goodbye, until the next video. Do not forget to subscribe and we have two channels
more, one makeup and nails, which is MOA MakeUp, and MOA Games, from gameplays. I leave it on the final screen. See you in the next video.


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  3. Hola Moa! Tengo una duda
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  5. WOW me ha encantado el vídeo, ha estado genial!!!
    Tenía una pregunta, yo saco a mi hamster por el pasillo todos los días para que corra y jugar un poco con el, ¿está bien una media hora?

  6. hola Moa!!! que tal? buff siento no haber podido ver tus vídeos desde octubre pero estaba llena de exámenes ♥️

  7. Moa yo ayudo a perritos y gatitos me encuentro y los llevo a mi casa y los cuido bien y los devuelvo de nuevo o si no busco a alguien q los quiera y los cuide no se me podrías ayudar sabiendo con q alimentarlos o como bañarlos

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