Upcycled Sea Glass into Jewelry

Upcycled Sea Glass into Jewelry

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(upbeat music) – The sea glass is shaped by the ocean. We don’t alter it in any way. We just take pieces of glass the way they were found on the beach. And we turn them into jewelry. You know, you go to a place that used to be a trash dump 100 years ago, there’s gonna be sea glass there. After decades of glass
tumbling in the shore, it’s rounded, and smooth, and beautiful. My entire design process
is influenced by the ocean. It’s a part of everything I do. It’s so deeply embedded in my life that I can’t possibly do anything else. So, I get the glass, the
first thing I do is sort it. We sort it for the designs that they’re going to be made into. So, we have jars full of ring pieces. We have earring matches. And then I lay out the designs on paper. And then they go to my
silversmith in Bali. So, with the sea glass we make rings, lots of different rings, a lot of styles, earrings, bracelets, bangles, interchangeable charms
that can be worn together, mixed and matched, necklaces, big necklaces,
little necklaces, Red Carpet necklaces. (upbeat music)


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