Want To Study Jewelry Design With Professor Ahr In Person?

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Hi welcome to the online jewelry Academy, I’m Professor John Ahr. In this video I’m going to introduce you to the jewelry program at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Where I’m the creative director, the FIDM Jewelry Lab is located in the heart of the jewelery district in downtown, Los Angeles Let me show you how we teach design and jewelry Manufacturing at FIDM with the brief video produced by the digital media program here at the college If you love jewelry then this is for you There’s a lot of potential for jewelry design students from FIDM for employment in either a fine jewelry realm or a costume or a bridge designer type of a realm I think the proximity of FIDM to the jewelry industry is a huge advantage for these students they’re able to see processes that they’d only read about in books This program is really wonderful and I think it’s great for these students to be able to have a place where they can not only learn about the trade of jewelry design learn about the industry, but also you know be exposed to designers like myself that come in and work with them. They seem very excited about creating a piece of jewelry We designed a state-of-the-art workroom right in the heart of the jewelry business in the Saint Vincent’s building each student has his or her own bench complete with soldering equipment They have a torch they have a flexible shaft And all the saws and pliers and things anyone would need to have a professional jewelry bench It’s like your own little world you go in there design play with metal and it’s really fun I don’t think there’s another program out there like it. I do rings brooches earrings necklaces bracelets Anything the client wants basically if they wanted a belt made out of diamonds and platinum and gold I will find some way to get it done. I needed a foundation in design I needed to have different perspective outside of fine jewelry I would definitely say I did get what I would need it from this program There’s nothing in Southern California that connects jewelry and fashion There are some other courses that are taught at colleges at night schools things like that But nothing that’s a two-year course in jewelry design if you really absolutely love jewelry and you want to spend your life Designing it then this is for you Can you imagine seeing yourself at one of these benches the FIDM Jewelry program starts every fall we offer either a two-year Associate of Arts degree or For students who have already earned a degree. We have a professional designation program I’d love to see you at one of our benches and provide you with personal instruction Contact the FIDM admissions office if you’re interested in joining the program. Thanks for watching

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