What are TREATED Gemstones?

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– This is Jill Maurer
with Your Jewelry Minute. And today I’m answering the
question what does it mean when we say that a stone has been treated? Gems in jewelry that we see look very different when
they come out of the earth. We cut them and we polish them and they look very different
just in doing that to them. And technically you could say those are two forms of treating a stone, but the jewelry industry
doesn’t look at it that way. That is assumed that you’re
going to cut and polish a stone, but there are other
things that we do to gems to enhance their look that
are called treatments. These are things like heating them in a controlled environment,
irradiating them, dying, some stones are
dyed or they’re coated, and stones can even be
injected to fill in fractures. These are all different forms of treatment that we do to stones. And some particular gemstones are so commonly treated in a certain way that we just assume that
that has been done to it. Most treatments are fine,
they’re perfectly accepted, and they are fine. Some are not so great and it’s
just important that you know what has been done to a
stone so that you’re not sold something as coming out of
the ground looking like that when it has actually
been treated in some way. If you do have a stone, if you’re looking at something
that is unheated, untreated, generally it will be told to you that that’s what’s going on, especially if that specimen
is particularly amazing. If you have an unheated
sapphire, for example, when sapphires are normally
treated, believe me, they will let you know it’s unheated, and believe me, you will
pay the price for it. So that is what we mean when we say that a stone has been treated. If you have a jewelry question for me just ask me in the comments below. Until next time.

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