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(cheerful music) This is Jill Maurer with
Your Jewelry Minute, and today I’m answering the question “What is an intaglio?” An
intaglio is where a design or words are carved into stone or metal. And the purpose of an intaglio, originally it was used as a way to, as a signature, a way to authenticate
something. It could be used to stamp wax that was sealing a document, or ink could be on it, and
it could be used to stamp your signature or your mark or your sign. When you look at an intaglio,
if it has words or letters, they’re usually backwards so
that when you do the stamping, it looks right. So you might be saying, “Now, wait a minute. What
is a signet ring then?” A signet ring is a type of intaglio. An intaglio is what is on a signet ring, but it can also be in other places. There could be an intaglio
at the end of a watch fob. That was another common place to put it where somebody would take
their watch fob and use that to stamp or sign the document. We still have intaglios today
even though we don’t use them for signing documents, but
a lot of people like to have a ring or a watch fob that
has been carved either an estate one that has
somebody else’s initials or family crest on it, or they
may even want to get a ring today and have their own
family crest or something meaningful to them on it. Today, a lot of times when
we look at an intaglio, you look at it and the letters are right because we don’t really
stamp things anymore. An older piece, they
should be the mirror image. That is an intaglio. This
has been Your Jewelry Minute. If you have a jewelry
question for me, just ask me in the comments below. Until next time. (cheerful music)

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