What is Briolette Cut? | Gem Cuts & Diamond Cuts

What is Briolette Cut? | Gem Cuts & Diamond Cuts

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(lively music) – This is Jill Maurer
with Your Jewelry Minute and today I’m answering the question what is a briolette? A briolette is a way
of cutting a gemstone. It originated in India about 800 years ago and India was mining diamonds and they would cut a lot of the stones in this briolette form. And what it is, it’s an elongated stone that is cut all the way around. So it’s made to be seen from all sides. If you think of a chandelier and the crystal pieces that hang down if they’re all the way around, it’s that sort of a briolette. A lot of very old jewelry
did have briolettes in them because that is how the stones, a lot of the stones were coming from India and they were the stones
that they were using. They’re generally pierced at the top, they’re drilled through so that you could put a wire through it or a string through it. And they, they dangle. They’re usually meant to dangle though, dangle from earrings or
they’ll dangle from a necklace. This type of cutting stones
did fall out of favor for diamonds as our diamond
cutting skills progressed and we realized that we
could get a lot more vibrancy and color out of a stone, a lot more light if we cut
it in a way to face up. So as time went on, this style fell out of favor. It has been reignited, but this time with less expensive stones. It’s an interesting way to
cut less expensive stones. So stones like citrine or topaz, different types of stones are now cut in this briolette style. So you can find briolette stones in all different kinds of gemstones. You can find them today and
going back for centuries. This is Jill Maurer with
your Jewelry Minute. If you have a jewelry question for me, just let me know in the comments below. Until next time. (lively music)


  1. What an interesting cut! I have seen this style before but never knew what it was called. I wonder how many times I've said that this year… LOL! Thanks so much for this video, Jill! Can't wait for tomorrow's!

  2. I've seen this all over the place but never thought to think that it might have a name. I loved that bird broach you showed, almost like a stork carrying a baby much much cooler.

  3. India has great jewelry designs…Thanks for sharing the cut's name! Love the royal blue color on you btw…Merry Christmas!

  4. I always loved these. Looks like you would have to have a very clear stone without inclusions for a briolette since you can see right through it.

  5. I never knew what this was called but I love it! Just lovely!!! I love this type of jewelry! Thanks Jill for another informative video! Merry Christmas!!! XOXO

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