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Hi, it’s Dave at Stable Vehicle Contracts.
I hope you’re doing okay. So, we are back at our PDI Centre to take a little walk around.
See what vehicles we’ve got here today. Show you those and generally have a little bit
of a mooch around. But, before we get in to that, a couple of things. Firstly, if you
don’t already subscribe to our channel, please go and do that now so you don’t miss out on
any of our future videos. So, go and check that out, subscribe now please. And, secondly,
we get a lot of people asking when we do these PDI walk arounds, why we have such a large
PDI Centre. So, PDI is basically the Pre-Delivery Inspection. It’s where they get the cars ready
from transport mode to being ready for you to collect or get delivered from the show
rooms. And that all happens in these bays back there – if you can pick that up. So,
they get the cars all ready for you here in one centralised place and it just takes all
of the pressure of our dealership groups. So we’re not congesting the dealer sites
with this many cars, because there’s a hell of a lot of cars here at any one time. So,
I hope that clears that up. Let’s have a little walk around and see what’s in the Centre today. So, what I can see straight away is that there
seems to be a lot of GTIs here – Golf GTIs – which could mean one of two things. One,
there’s been a really good deal on them. Or two, there’s going to be an even better deal
coming on them soon. Which one is it!? [Phil] Is that standard colour or do you have
to pay for that? That? No. It’s Deep Black, so it’s
a metallic [optional extra]. What else have we got? Audi A3 S-Line. [Phil] Is that Nano
[Grey]? Yeah. What do you reckon? I don’t… I don’t know. It’s a bit of a weird colour
that isn’t it. [Phil] Looks like Urano [Grey]. Yeah. That’s a weird colour. That’s not a
weird colour. White Silver GTI. Looking good, looking fresh, ready to go out to a customer.
[Phil] Yeah. [Phil] Plenty of noises today! Yeah, it’s a bit noisy isn’t it. It’s all
going on. New lighting system. It’s September, so it’s mega, mega busy for the guys here.
What else have we got? There’s some pretty boring Golf Estates, so let’s get past them.
[Phil]. Yeah, fast forward. So, you’ve got another White Silver GTI. So,
my prediction from a few weeks ago seems to be coming true. That White Silver is going
to be a really, really popular colour in the Golf range. We’ve seen two already in the
first sort’ve small batch of cars. So, let’s see if there’s any more. A lot of VWs now have got these built in,
sort’ve, twin exhausts like that one there, which look really good, but on closer inspection
it’s not quite as it seems. [Phil] That’s just plastic isn’t it. That’s
plastic. [Phil] Yeah, what’s weird is the SQ5 has them doesn’t it! They all — yeah,
Audi. Some Audis, yeah like you say some of the top stuff as well. Which makes you think,
just why… I don’t know why… there must be a reason why they do it. So, if anyone
knows, let us know in the comments section because I have no idea why you’d just cap
them off and have like the exhaust underneath like they do. It just doesn’t make any sense,
but logic says, there must be a reason behind it – functionally – for the car. [Phil] Yeah.
Because it just looks crap. Talking of looking crap… look at this. [Phil] Hey, it’s the
same colour as your shirt! It is! My shirt looks better than that! [Phil] It does, yeah.
Look at those wheels. [Phil] What is that – a SEAT? Yeah. No… I’m lost, lost for words
on that one. [Phil] Yeuuurgh. Phil] Is that a SEAT Toledo? It just makes me sad inside.
[Phil] It does. Sorry, if you’ve got one of these, or if this is your car that’s going
out now. Can we blank out the reg, because it might be a bit embarrassing. [Phil] Yeah,
I’ll just put my finger there. Sorry, but… well… I’m not sorry. We’ve got two Golf GTIs here. One in Deep
Black, and one in White Silver. So, which of these two colours do you prefer? Deep Black
or the new White Silver? What are you going for Phil? [Phil] I quite like the GTI in Black
because it brings out the red a bit more. Yeahhh… I’m all about the White Silver.
So, it’s White Silver for me. Black’s been there, it’s had its day, it’s done. [Phil]
Yeah. It’s too common. [Phil] It’s a bit retro Black though isn’t it? Has it gone retro now!?
[Phil] It’s gone retro, yeah. Guess what I’ve just spotted! Remember, a
few months ago, there were tons of these, like, dotted all over… like the GTIs are
now. It’s the Scirocco R! And there’s one tucked away right in the corner there. So,
let’s go and have a look at that for old times sake. [Phil] Memory lane. Yeah. [Phil] That’s
the colour you want, isn’t it? It is. It looks the business doesn’t it? It’s such a nice
car to drive y’know? [Phil] Yeah? Better than the… I’m gonna say it… better than the
TT. Because I had the TT for a couple of weeks, and then I had one of these for a week or
so. Straight after each other, and the Scirocco R was miles better than the TT for my money.
What do you think? Does anyone agree with me, disagree with me? Let us know in the comments
section. I think there’ll be a lot of people who will agree with me on that one. [Phil]
Yeah. I’ll put my neck out there and say that. It looks nice doesn’t it? [Phil] Do you think
they’re going to phase it out, Volkswagen? They’re going to reinvent it. They’re going
to call it — they’re going to change the name of it and give it quite a big facelift
soon. I’m led to believe. Thanks for watching. We hope you’ve enjoyed
this video. If you have, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe if you don’t already.
See you again soon. Ready? [Phil] Yeah. *noises* Bwoooooop. [Phil]
*laughs* No. Shall we wait for that to finish, or…? [Phil] Yeah.

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