Why are Gold and Platinum used to make Jewellery? | #aumsum

Why are Gold and Platinum used to make Jewellery? | #aumsum

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It’s AumSum Time. Why are gold and platinum used to make jewelry? Because I commanded. No. It is because gold and platinum are malleable
and ductile metals. Malleability is the property by which metals
can be beaten into sheets. While ductility is the property by which metals
can be drawn into thin wires. These properties allow gold and platinum to
be molded into a variety of designs. In addition to this. Gold and platinum are very rare as well as
lustrous, meaning, they have a shiny appearance. These qualities make them even more attractive
and enticing. Besides this, gold and platinum are noble
metals. Noble metals are a group of metals which are
not very reactive. They resist corrosion and oxidation. Hence, the jewelry made of gold and platinum
doesn’t easily lose its shine. Why are some people always cold? We human beings generate heat in our body
during muscle movement, metabolism, etc. Most of this heat is used to maintain our
body temperature and keep us warm. However, some people always feel cold. This might be because they are suffering from
hyperthyroidism. In hyperthyroidism, our thyroid gland which
regulates metabolism does not function properly. As a result, our metabolism slows down And
less heat is generated due to which we feel cold. Another possibility is a disorder called Raynaud’s
disease. When a person having this disorder is stressed
or is exposed to cold conditions. The arteries of his hands and legs become
narrow. Hence, warm blood is not transported efficiently
to his hands and legs. Making his extremities feel cold. In addition to this. Less muscle mass, low iron levels and smoking
may also make some people always feel cold. Is spicy food bad for you? Obviously, Because whenever I eat spicy food,
my mouth seems to be on fire. This is because spicy food generally contains
chili peppers. Chili peppers have a chemical called capsaicin. When capsaicin comes in contact with our tongue. It activates the heat sensing receptors instead
of our taste buds. As a result, our brain thinks that our mouth
is on fire. So, shall I call the Fire brigade? Just listen. Capsaicin present in spicy food is not necessarily
bad for everybody. Only those people who have a low tolerance
level. Or don’t have a habit of eating spicy food. Can experience some problems like. Burning mouth, mouth burn, heartburn, irritation
of the stomach lining, etc. Why does salt make food taste better? Wait. I will explain. Salt which is basically sodium chloride makes
almost everything taste better. Whether it is French fries, certain fruits,
curries or even cookies. We like at least a little salt in all these
foods. According to researchers. We have evolved to like salt maybe because
our bodies need salt for survival. What. Salt for survival. Indeed. Sodium present in salt, maintains our blood
pressure, transmits nerve impulses, etc. Whereas, chloride is used to produce hydrochloric
acid in our stomach. Hence, to obtain salt, we have gradually developed
a taste for it. Thus, salt in food makes it appealing and
tasty. In addition to this, it is found that salt
suppresses bitterness better than sugar. Researchers aren’t sure how. Some researchers suggest that salt neutralizes
the bitter tongue receptors. While some suggest that on adding salt, the
brain interprets the taste as less bitter.


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  7. People feals cold in "hypothyroidism" not in hyperthyroidism, I am a doctor andi know for sure it is stated wrong in the video

  8. Hyperthyroidism is a hypermetabolic state.it causes heat intolerance that doesnt mean the person will actually feel cold

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