Why you need to wear GOLD! | Ayurvedic Benefits of Gold | Gold & Spirituality

Why you need to wear GOLD! | Ayurvedic Benefits of Gold | Gold & Spirituality

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hello and welcome back to Doctor Sashina TV with me Dr. Sashina! How are you all doing I hope that everyone is
doing awesome thank you again for joining me today in today’s episode I’m
gonna be talking about something that I have been studying learning from and I
continue to learn about every single day actually while wearing this particular
metal so today I’m gonna be talking about the wonderful spiritual
metaphysical and Ayurvedic benefits of gold okay so for those of you who are
very interested in learning about Ayurveda learning about the different
types of metals and minerals that are used in Ayurveda and also the spiritual
and you know psychological benefits of wearing certain gemstones and metals
then please stay tuned for this episode because I am gonna be talking quite
in-depth about the wonderful benefits of wearing gold so if you have not
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new content all the time so having said that let’s get started and talk about
the wonderful healing benefits of gold gold as we all know is a precious metal
it is the most precious metal in the world it is the oldest standing metal to
have held its value for so many years okay as far as we know decades and
decades in decades ago gold has the same value that it does today it has never
ever depreciated now when people think of gold they just think of the stock
market and they think of things like that
and yes the stock market is very important because that is determining
the value of gold in terms of how much it costs to buy and how much it costs to
sell and that is very important but gold has
quite a few spiritual benefits as well as medical benefits and I’m gonna get it
to the medical benefits first okay in Ayurveda gold is known as Silvana okay
this pronounced Suvarna and we make it into Suvarna Bosma so varma Suvarna
Bosma is the ash of gold and this is done by taking actual real 24 karat gold
that is the highest quality of gold known we take it and we purify it
through processes called sure Dena and Marlena okay show the nice purification
and modernize the kind of grinding method that is it that is performed on
gold in order to purify it it is mixed with mercury many times and then it is
further purified until we get pure gold powder or Bosma okay and there are
several tests that one can do an Ayurvedic doctor will do before
administering goals to a patient to make sure that the gold has been purified
extremely well because if it has not been purified well it will cause more
harm in the body just as any metal or mineral would now I would like to say
this is whether uses metals and minerals extensively in treatment it is not
detrimental to the body unless it is used excessively and it is used for an
over extended period of time okay so for those of you who are worried
about mercury poisoning and lead poisoning and even gold poisoning yes it
can happen if it is not purified well it is not purified with the proper method
you are prescribed in Ayurveda and also if it is taken inappropriately you know
it could be taken with things that is going to react with very likely to cause
problems in the body but also if you take it for an extended period of time
longer then you are supposed to then definitely it can lead to some toxicity
in the body nothing that can be not reversed irreversible I think the word
is irreversible it can be reversed but don’t get
yourself into that if you are going to take gold if you’re going to take
mercury if you’re going to take any kind of metal or mineral preparation please
please do so under the guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor because you do not want
to mess with these kind of medicines they are very powerful and they are
highly beneficial they are the best medicines in the worlds they never
expire that is something I must tell you as well they never expire they last a
lifetime once they have been purified extremely well so it is it is does the
study of gold the study of metal the study of minerals is false all under
recessions Tara Lhasa Shastra is the study of metals and minerals in
Ayurvedic medicine so if you would like to know more about that definitely you
should me an email and we can talk more about learning about rasa Shastra so
anyway let’s get back to goals and the benefits of using gold so Ayurvedic
medicine uses gold one of the best and most beneficial properties is the immune
boosting property of God okay there is a specific formulation that is given to
babies and toddlers and infants up to probably around the age of seven I would
say from birth to age seven and this is what we call Suvarna Prussia
Suvarna Prussian is a gold preparation that is given to babies and pediatrics
and what this does you can say it is nature’s vaccines I’m gonna that’s
that’s the best way to say it is nature’s vaccines it is how nature has
provided for us of course there are many other vaccines that Nature has provided
for us one of those is also getting bitten by a snake yes believe it or not
to get at having a child get bitten by a snake is it’s not just a custom in
India it has been done for specific purpose that’s because once a child has
been exposed to the venom of a snake the snake’s venom will no longer affect the
child’s throughout the rest of their life they become immune to it they
develop the antibodies for it so with gold Gold is an incredible
immune booster now this is not just for children it is not just to be given to
children it can be given to anyone as an immune booster Ayurveda uses Suvarna
gold to treat sexual debility it is a very powerful aphrodisiac okay when it
is combined with you know hubs like ashwagandha when it is taken with milk
it provides immense strength to the body okay so it is an incredible immune
booster and it provides very very much stamina to the body okay so when someone
is suffering from any kind of immune debility or any disease that brings a
person’s strength down weakens a person gold is often used to treat them okay
goals are also used to treat infertility infertility in Ayurveda is not seen as
incurable in allopathic medicine infertility is treated with a lot of
chemicals okay chemicals are infused into the human body and people are
treated that way and it often takes a very very long time before they can have
children but an AI is where the goal is used as a preparation for infertility so
those are some of the Ayurvedic properties of gold they are very many
more again I am going to say please do not use it without the advice and
supervision of an Ayurvedic physician do not just take any kind of russia’
Shastra preparations whether it’s gold whether it’s mercury whether it’s
anything else without the guidance of an ayurvedic physician i am going to stress
that very much so so apart from the Ayurvedic perspective
on gold I am going to talk about the spiritual perspective of using gold and
from my own from my own experience I’ll tell you what I what I have noticed
since I have started wearing gold now when I was younger my mother would
always buy me go she would buy me something gold for every significant
birthday like when I became a teenager when I was 16 when I turned 21 even when
I turn 18 and just for any kind of special occasion my mother would buy me
gold and I never valued gold as much I was a kid I never really saw you know
the value in it I never really void very often I was not drawn to gold jewelry I
was more drawn to server’ jewelry at that point of my life but you know as I
got older there was something that just drew me towards gold and I’ll tell you
something once you start wearing gold or owning gold jewelry there’s no stopping
you always wants to own more and more and more and it’s not necessarily the
the thing that it makes you greedy no not at all
goal having gold and that feeling of wanting more gold is not it does not
come out of greed it’s kind of I would say an attraction when you have gold
when you wear gold you attract more gold you attract wealth into your life this
is just a metaphysical quality of gold it has a great attractive purpose and
ability so when you wear gold it attracts more gold it attracts more
jewelry higher higher quality jewelry I’m not talking about jewelry like um
like just costume jewelry as they call it I’m not talking about that I’m
talking about real high-classed gold jewelry silver jewelry that that’s
considered fine jewelry gemstones things like that once you
start wearing gold you tend to attract more into your life so I would say that
that is a metaphysical purpose of using gold if you want to attract more wealth
into your life start with wearing gold okay start with wearing gold I think
it’s a wonderful metal it it also raises your consciousness that is one of the
greatest benefits of wearing gold when you take gold as medicine isms the most
incredible medicine in the world no doubt but also when you wear it
externally it is very beneficial for you because gold is because it is the purest
form it’s the purest metal in the world it is associated with God it is
associated with the higher consciousness okay it is so pure that it takes you and
unites you with the supreme energy now I don’t know if you can see behind me I
have I just have a picture of some Hindu gods that I believe in and in this
picture you can see they are surrounded by gold they the you know the God the
it’s the god Shiva mata Parvati and sri maha ganesh and you can even see the
animals are covered in gold gold is a very huge theme when it comes to
spirituality when it comes to religion I’m not gonna say religion per se
because I don’t really believe in religion I don’t like the term knowledge
and I don’t like what religion has become so I’m going to say spirituality
gold is associated with spirituality it is when you wear gold you connect with a
higher consciousness you connect with a higher energy you find yourself being
more sattvic okay sattva is the quality of truth it is the quality of you know
fulfilling your purpose and your Dharma and doing it right you see
that is the meaning of sattva it is living out your truth and when you wear
gold and when you connect with the supreme energy you will find yourself
attracting the truth to you this is what I have noticed I’ve noticed that ever
since I wear gold it’s very hard for me to fall for people’s lies I see things
more clearly I understand things better I feel that
gold has also improved my clarity in my thinking in my memory that is there is
another ayurvedic benefit of gold as well it also improves and enhances
memory when it is combined with herbs like Brahmi okay now that’s just off
topic going back a little bit more but yes wearing gold provides your mind with
clarity it brings clarity to you it calms you down it is a very calming
metal to wear it is just as coming as silver silver is also very calming but
wearing gold enhances that righteous quality about you that’s not to say that
everybody who wears gold is a very righteous honest truthful person not at
all I am NOT saying that at all I know there’s a lot of frauds out there who
wear tons and tons of gold and all they do is want and want more okay and the
best part of it is they attract more have you ever noticed that they attract
more gold and the reason why is because gold has their quality it attracts more
and more and more so if you want to improve your wealth if you want to
improve the quality of your life if you want to improve the quality of your mind
and your thinking and your sense of duty and responsibility and the Suffolk
quality in your mind then I would suggest definitely going head and
wearing more gold keeping gold in your home is also very beneficial
keeping gold in your home if you have a specific prayer place where you indulge
in prayer where you connect with that higher energy it is important to keep
gold in that place and to keep it clean that is something
that I have to point out is it is very important to keep gold that you own very
clean at all times if you see it getting dirty take it to the jeweler have a tent
or if you want you know you can you can buy jewelry cleaner and you can pin it
on your own but always keep gold clean this is so that you can connect with the
pure energy of it when gold is dirty it holds on to negative energy okay and you
don’t want it to hold on to that negative energy you want it to be free
of that energy you want the energy of the Sun and I’m gonna say this I’m gonna
say this now that I will say it again later the Sun is connected with God okay
so you want the benefit of the Sun you want the blessing of the Sun so keep
your jewelry or whatever it is that you have that is gold
keep it clean at all times okay keep it clean keep it shining at all times
now I that gold is associated with the Sun in Vedic Astrology Gold is
associated with the planet Sun and I say planet Sun because Sun is considered a
planet just as the moon is and then Gold is also associated with the planet
Jupiter so well this is just a hint for those of you who are involved in the
stock market and who also believe in Vedic Astrology is to always check the
transits check the transits in a Vedic Astrology chart in your vedic astrology
chart to see whether it’s gonna be beneficial for you or not or the general
transits of where Jupiter is where Sun is placed in the sky at a particular
time when you want to do your stock trading because these two planets have
the greatest influence over the stock prices of God because they rule over the
metal gold so Sun is connected with gold it it has a very vibrant
you know energy about it that’s why gold is so powerful and Jupiter is also
associated with gold because Jupiter represents abundance making things grow
making things become making things expand and when you have wealth wealth
is represented by its represented by Venus but it is also represented by
Jupiter if you don’t have the blessing of Jupiter in your birth chart in your
horoscope and if you don’t have the blessing of Sun it is very very
difficult for you to gain wealth to hold on to wealth
you may have a very strongly placed Venus you may have a very strongly
placed Rahu but you you can make the money but it would be very difficult for
you to hold on to that money to keep that money to respect that money and to
have that money work for you so you know by wearing gold you also enhance the
qualities of the Sun and you’ll also enhance the qualities of the planet
Jupiter now gold is often used together with
other gemstones to enhance other planets so if you would like more information
about that you can definitely contact me we can discuss your chart and what
stones are beneficial for you and what better what are not beneficial for you
because not every store not every gemstone is beneficial for you and some
stones are supposed to be set in gold some of them are supposed to be set in
silver or other metals okay so if you have any questions about that you can
definitely shoot me an email and I will discuss it with you so guys this was
just a very brief analysis about the benefit the benefits of gold the healing
benefits of gold in terms of Ayurveda in terms of metaphysics if you have any
questions about anything that I have mentioned please leave them in the
comments below I will try to answer them as best as I can if I don’t have the
answers I will definitely research the answers and get back to you or with
regards to those questions because this is a very interesting topic I continue
to learn about wearing gold from my own personal experience I’ve seen a huge
shift in my life in my finances in my whole
outlook towards life my attitude towards other people and in keeping me calm I
feel that wearing gold has kept me calm it has stopped me from being so agitated
which sometimes you can get very agitated and even having Sun badly
placed in your birth chart in your horoscope or even in the transit can can
it can set your mood up for disaster so it’s really important to keep these
planets balanced as well and wearing gold is definitely a remedy for that
also you know it is a great remedy in Ayurveda
if you would like to consume gold I will be writing another blog an entire blog
on the the wonderful benefits of gold so stay tuned for that but if you would
like any more information then you can definitely comment below or you can send
me an email at [email protected] I do check that quite frequently and I
will respond to you so until next time guys I hope that this has helped you I
know that it’s a little bit of a long video but I definitely want to just
wanted to discuss the wonderful benefits of gold for you and definitely if you
can if you can’t afford it I would suggest starting with even if it’s just
a ring or a chain or pair of earrings start wearing gold it’s you are gonna
see a huge difference in your life okay so until next time take care I would
love to hear from you if you have not subscribed to this channel I don’t know
what you’re waiting for please click that red button below hit
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until next time take care and I shall talk to you soon muah bye bye


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