William is full of Hip-hop SWAG (Feat. Gold chains) [The Return of Superman/2018.01.07]

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(William has hip-hop swag.) (The hip-hop baby dances to the rhythm.) (Where is he?) Hello. – Hello. / – Tiger JK. – Hello. / – We meet again. Let’s shake hands. Hello. (William is still wary of him.) High-five. There you go. (He does everything he is asked to do.) Low five. (He does everything he is asked to do.) William, you look very cool. How old is Jordan? He is nine years old. – He grows up fast. / – Yes. Time flies, right? He took the stage with you in a music program. – Years passed. / – Did years pass already? – Hello. / – Hello. (Babbling) (Jordan was relaxed on the stage.) – Milk. / – Pardon? – Milk? / – Milk? We have milk. – Is banana milk okay? / – Yes. It’s milk. – Do you like it? / – Thank you. (Thank you.) It’s tasty, right? (Hold my hat for a second.) (This is it.) William. (I like this uncle.) William liked rap ever since he was little. When my wife was pregnant with William, I let her listen to hip-hop music often. When she became pregnant with Dingdong, I couldn’t give her a lot of attention. That’s why I want to do something special for Dingdong. (Show Me The Return of Superman) (Tiger JK will check the rap verses he wrote.) I don’t know why I feel so nervous. Don’t be nervous. Sam wrote rap verses for Dingdong. Shall we have a listen? (Do you know who I am? I am William’s…) I will be eliminated right away. (Eliminated!) – Should I stop? / – Let’s go. William. Let’s try again. (Do you know who I am? I am William’s dad) (Soon, I will be a father of two) (I raise children alone, I know everything) (William one, Dingdong two) (This is our paradise) ♪ Keep the diaper tight, milk warm ♪ William. (He is full of regrets.) Your throat… When you are nervous, – your voice cracks. / – It does that. I think my breathing is another problem. (Please take good care of my dad.) William says his dad passed. Okay. William made me change my mind. I didn’t plan to pass you. – Really? / – You passed. – William. / – It’s all thanks to you. – It’s all thanks to him. / – William. – William did it. / – High-five. (I did a good job, right?) You are excited. William, who are you playing with? – Hello. / – He is… – Bizzy. / – Hello. He resembles Gong Yoo. (Running) (Bizzy plays with William.) (He unleashes his inner excitement.) Bizzy, do you have children? I worked as a babysitter because I love children so much. – Really? / – It was his main job. Nanny. Babysitter. Rapping was his side job. William looks happy. I also wrote a song called “Welcome to the World”. Did you make it when she was pregnant? I even added the babbling when he was born. I gave it to my wife and Jordan as a present. (“Welcome to the World” by Drunken Tiger) Great. Keep going. Excellent. He’s good. (Our first encounter gave me butterflies) (You’re my crush and my first lover) (Just like my first game of push and pull) (I knew nothing, I had to learn from you) (He’s amazed.) I wrote lyrics about my feelings of the delivery. I wrote a diary. I can feel how you felt when he was born. – Really? / – Yes, I can. (I like it, Uncle Drunken Tiger!) I added Jordan’s voice at the end of the song. This is the sound he made when he was born. – Seriously? / – I added that in. (He’s touched.) – Let’s start recording. / – Okay. William, the youngest rapper, shows up. Come here. Take a seat here. (Looking around) (We must stand up to record.) – He got up. Hi, William. / – Sit down. – Jump, jump! / – Yes, yes. Check it out. – Jump! / – One, two. Yes, check it out. You can’t be excited yet. – It hurts. / – It hurts? Roar like a lion. (Roaring) Chirp like a bird. (Chirping) Vroom like a motorcycle. (Vroom) (Recording William’s voice) Willaim. William. Mommy, Mommy. Mommy, Mommy. (The young rapper records in a serious manner.) Record. Great job. (He finishes recording.) We’ve done recording William’s voice. – Your dad is over there. / – But I can’t do it now. It’s Sam’s turn now. – Let’s go, let’s go! / – Let’s go! Good luck. (He cheers with his hands.) – Hello? / – Break a leg. – Hello? / – What are you doing? You pick up whenever I call you. I’m in the recording studio now. – Sorry. I’m recording. / – Sorry? I wanted to ask if you wanted to eat chicken. – Chicken from here. / – Chicken? – No, I’m filming now. / – Okay. Calling me about food is a bit weird. – I’m sorry. I’ll hang up. / – What? – This is funny. / – Yumi. – Record this. / – Yumi. Looking at me from outside the booth right now is Drunken Tiger. (That’s amazing!) He’s listening to our conversation. – Is that so? / – Hello. (Everyone has been listening.) Gosh, life is so fun. I’ll play the track. Do you want to practice? Yes, please. Wish your dad luck. Wish him luck. (He’s a bit nervous.) (This beat is sick!) (It’s not going as planned.) ♪ I am a man ♪ Don’t be nervous. I’ll keep it on. Have fun. (After raising my kid) (He mispronounces the line.) Let’s have a meeting here and continue recording. – Sure. / – Okay. I’m sweating a lot because I’m so nervous. Everyone gets nervous in the booth. Let’s make the lines simpler. I’ll ask, “Who are you?”, you say, “I’m William’s Dad”. (The recording resumes as he follows the advice.) We’ll run it again. Do it like this. “Hey”. I see. Okay. (He thoroughly guides Sam through.) – Let’s do it once more. / – Okay. I think he’s in the zone. (Sam is feeling more confident.) This one was great. Let’s do this one too. Sam and Drunken Tiger try their best for hours to make a song for Sam’s second child. The completed track will be revealed later. Thank you for your help. Thank you. Thank you. – Thanks for helping. / – Good job today. – Mirae is here. / – Hello. – Hi. Gosh, hello. / – Hello. – William. / – Did you record the song? – Let’s go. / – William. (Good job, William.) Hi, cutie pie. You did so well. You were great. William, do you want food? – Food? / – Food. (I’m hungry after recording.) Shall we get something to eat? Food? It’s all right. Keep eating. Watch me. Watch. I’m a rocking chair. It must be hard. I bet he doesn’t sleep much. No, he goes to sleep well. – Really? / – Yes. My gosh. He’s so lucky. Jordan hasn’t gone to bed early in nine years. – It’s been one, two, / – He keeps drinking milk. three, four and five years. – It continues. / – It continues? Do you still put your feet up on the table? No. You don’t? (He’s feeling great.) Are you happy? He’s done eating. William, thank Aunt Mirae. Did you thank her? No, face Aunt Mirae and thank her. Did you thank her? (He flips down like a flip phone.) Hey, don’t show your bottom to her. She’s right there. Thank her. (The recording ends on a high note.) Gosh, look at him smile. – I / – The night after recording. – have something for you. / – What is it? – Give it to Mommy. / – Give it to Mommy. – Thank you. / – Dad. (He’s teasing.) – To me? / – He won’t give it to me. Please give it to Dad. William, we made it for your sibling. Let’s listen to it. Let’s listen to the song made for his second child. (“Father of Two” by Sam Hammington) What’s that? What’s that? (The intro has sounds of William babbling.) He’s clapping on the beat. My goodness. Gosh. (Who am I? I’m William’s dad) What is that? What is it? (After I had a hard time taking care of him alone) (Now, there isn’t a thing I don’t know) (First kid, William, Second kid, Dingdong) (This is our own paradise) (Even if I don’t have a gallbladder) (I’m useful) (I’m a custom-made dad just for you) (Are you ready?) (I won’t let the diaper leak) (Get the perfect temperature for milk) (Keep the nap time on the dot) (Look him in the eyes to have fun) (He starts babbling because he’s excited) (But you can’t be a nuisance to others) (Take your feet down, Throw your hands up) (Take your feet down, Throw your hands up) (He explodes with excitement.) (Yumi.) (Right now…) (Now she understands what’s going on.) (Okay. I’m sorry) (Right now, looking at me) (from outside the booth) (is Drunken Tiger.) (He’s listening to our conversation.) (Oh, no.) (Embarrassed) – Okay. / – Okay. (Chuckling) Gosh, life is so fun. – I like it. / – It’s nice, isn’t it? – Did you make it? / – Yes. (She’s very satisfied.) I think this is better than the original song. I thought that song failed. – Yes, it did. / – I see. But he helped me a lot. We also put William babbling in the track. (She’s touched.) But I made the song for our second child. (How will their child respond?) I think our baby likes it. I think it’s because I made the song. – William. What is that? / – Look at this. Look. It’s moving. William. Your sibling is kicking in Mom’s belly. Your sibling is moving. Look. What is this? – Give it a kiss. / – Kiss it. – My gosh. / – Give it another kiss. Kiss it. There. Thank you. I love you. (I can’t wait to see you.)

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