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Hello darlings, welcome back to my channel,
I’m Maryam and as you can tell in today’s video I am doing my first Halloween look of
2018 and I am going to teach you how to do the classic witch make-up, 3 different styles. The first one is going to be this look that
you see here, very glam but very easy to accomplish, something that you can do in case you have
an office party and work in corporate and maybe you don’t wanna go over the top, this
look would be perfect for that. If you’ve got a little bit more artistry in
you and if you wanna be a little bit more costumey then I have another look lined up
for you, so we’re gonna take this look and we are gonna amp it up a notch to this look. Just a little bit more green, just a little
bit more contoured in case you are feeling more creative or in case you have a costume
party to go to, this would be perfect for that. However, if you are up for the challenge,
I propose a 3rd option, even more challenging, even more professional, even more costumey
using some professional grade make-up which will take this look and turn it into, this
witch look. Super bewitched with a brand new nose, in
case you didn’t notice and probably my favorite look of all 3. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, let me
know down below which look is your favorite and which one you are going to try, remember
to subscribe, comment down below, give me a thumbs up, hit that notification bell an
let’s get to this, Halloween Witch Make-up Tutorial 3 styles. Bare faced and ready, first thing that I’m
gonna do is nothing out of the ordinary, I’m gonna use this Pixi rose flash balm which
is a 3 in 1 moisturizer primer and mask. Gonna apply that all over my face, also on
my neck, also on my chest, this stuff smells amazing, the reason why I’m using this is
because with all this effects make-up, if you plan to do witch style number 3 of course,
you need to prep your skin. You need to moisturize it and you need to
make sure that it is prepped and ready for all of that make-up. Next I’m gonna use this Make-Up For Ever step
1 redness correcting primer, and the reason why I wanna use that is because the witches’
skin is usually on the green side so I wanna make sure that I get rid of any and all of
my redness which I currently have a lot of, especially around all these old acne scars
and on my cheeks, so we wanna just neutralize that a bit. Do nothing out of the ordinary just like any
other make-up tutorial, I’m gonna pick up this Jouer Essential high coverage Hyaluronic
Acid Matte and Oil Free Foundation, this one here is one of the most full coverage foundations
I have ever tried and I think it’s perfect for Halloween, good. Just apply some here on this make-up palette
and I’m gonna pick it up with my favourite It Cosmetics foundation brush which is the
Heavenly Luxe #7 complexion perfection brush, gonna stiple it to the centre of my face and
buff it out per usual. I’m using the shade fawn which is a little
bit lighter than my current complexion and it’s also a pinch greener which I like for
this look, you can clearly tell how full coverage this product really is, Halloween or not,
this foundation will literally give you a brand new skin tone. I’m not going to cover up my ears because
I have a second hole that is still healing but you totally should cover up your ears,
especially if you are using something this full coverage, gonna bring this down to my
neck and to my chest as well. I just wanna blend it in with my actual skin
tone and of course you can skip this step if you are gonna be wearing something that’s
high neck or something that’s not gonna be showing this whole area, but because I’m also
prepping for look #2 and look #3 I wanna make sure I prep accordingly you know. I may even have a little too much foundation
in some areas but I’m just gonna use the beauty blender and lift some off my skin. Well that’s looking really, really pale and
really, really freaky, but if you have ever bought a foundation that’s a few shades too
light for you, now would be a good time to use it, this is exactly the look that I’m
going for. Also Jouer just launched their high coverage
liquid concealer, I’m gonna test that out as well, not certain what shade I am but since
I’m going for something a little bit paler, I am gonna pick up wheat, I’m gonna apply
this wheat in my areas of interest that I wanna pop out. So and just the general highlighting areas,
under the eyes, between the brows, around the nose just to get rid of any shadows. And I’m gonna blend it out per usual using
this Beauty Blender here, I think wheat was a good choice of concealer, it’s just the
right amount of pale that I was going for, and this stuff really gives full coverage,
I mean who am I, I look like a white sheet of paper, right can you tell the difference? Next think I’m gonna do is set my under eye
and the top of my lids with this Laura Mercier translucent powder, just make sure before
you set you get rid of all of those concealer creases, set that under eye as well, also
gonna set around the nose because that area tends to crease very, very quickly for me,
because of flared nostrils, I’m just gonna reach in there and prevent all of that creasing
from happening. Also gonna pick up some powder on this beauty
blender and just bake right here, center of the face, the porous areas. And also between the brows and just the centre
of the forehead. While that’s baking we’re gonna move on to
our contours, this is why I didn’t powder any of the perimeter of my face, I wanna make
sure that I apply my contour to the areas that need contouring. I’m gonna use my Pixi multi-balm stick which
I love, also gonna recede this temple area, because I really want my cheek bone to pop
out, so if I recede right here along this line it will in turn make this area seem a
little bit more protruding. Longer on the chin, gonna do just the tip
of the nose then I’m gonna pick up this brush here, this one is also Pixi and it’s their
full coverage foundation brush, however I really like it to blend out all of this contour. Now that we have contoured, I’m just gonna
bead off or dust off all of that baking powder and then I’m gonna pick up a little bit more
powder with that same brush that I used to dust off, and I’m kinda just gonna beat the
rest of my face, very, very gentle just tapping in the powder to seal that cream contour. You absolutely don’t need to use a cream contour
you could use whatever you have, I just want a very cool sort of shadowed look. So now that we’ve done that I wanna move onto
brows, witchy brows are as you know synonymous with super arch brows, so I’m gonna let my
natural arches come through for this video, I’m gonna make them even more enhanced, then
I’m gonna pick up this Benefit Brow Contour Pro in the shade, brown, black, light gonna
use the deepest shade in this pencil to outline my brow shape and to emphasize and then I’m
gonna blend out that line with a spooly. So now that I have my desired brow shape,
I’m just gonna fill it in with Benefits Fool Proof Brow Powder, I’m gonna use the darker
side of this powder and I really want these brows to be very dark and just a little bit
evil. I’m getting into character you guys, I’m getting
into character. Actually having a little bit of a rough day
today but putting on make-up and getting into character is definitely helping me turn my
day around. October for me is kind of like a month to
play around with make-up, it’s like make-up playground month. It’s also my birth month which is sometimes
a bit conflictual, because my birthday is literally a week before Halloween when no
one really cares about my birthday and all they care about is Halloween, including me. Alright I think these eye brows are evil enough,
I thinks it’s time to apply some eye make-up, if you guys have seen my Huda Beauty Precious
Stones Obsessions eye shadow palette’s review and tutorial then you know this emerald obsessions
eye shadow palette was my favorite one out of all of them, a lot of you have requested
tutorials with it so I figured since today we are doing a very green inspired look, this
would be the perfect palette for this green inspired look. So I am gonna dip my brush Morphe 502, gonna
dip into this olive shade here. Start right here with the outer corner and
I’m gonna work that in, this is a very, very pigmented palette, so I’m picking up very
little bit of product every time I pick it up. I’m gonna apply it right here close to the
nose, and then I’m gonna sort of drag this color down a little bit to create a nose contour,
very different from what I normally do but I think it’s very Avant Garde and very Halloween,
very costumey and also very current, I’ve seen a lot of people doing this technique
and I thinks it’s catching fire. I’m also gonna extend that tail a little bit. So the shape is basically the following, strong
under the start of the brow, then a little wash of color, strong again at the outer corner
and then just a little bit lifted towards the tail end of the brow. Gonna take that same shade and I’m gonna basically
start applying it to those areas that I hollowed out with the cream contour stick. And I’m just gonna add a little bit of green
to the temples into my hair line not too much just a hint, of course if you are going to
a corporate party where this is just a little too much then by all means skip this part,
but I am gonna go ahead and do it because I really feel like it makes a difference and
it makes this look just a little bit more believable. Also gonna do the same thing underneath my
cheek bone to sort of carve out, chisel out and add a pinch of green to like the back
edge of my cheek bone. I always like to make that fishy face because
it helps me to kind of find that line and I just go along that groove and using small
circular motions I just blend this into my skin. Just realized that the emerald obsessions
palette doesn’t have a black and in order for me to deepen and enhance this eye look
I desperately need a black eye shadow. So I’m gonna pick up my Tartelette palette
the original one and this black shade here called fashionista, gonna pick it up on a
little tapered brush and I’m gonna add it to the crease here right on top of the green
but just deepening it and darkening this area, also gonna extend that outer corner and just
shade the outer portion of my lid, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve actually
been a witch for Halloween. I don’t know if because of my pointy nose
or because of my arched eye brows a lot of people always told me that I just naturally
resemble a witch. When I was younger I was also very much into
gothic make-up style, I loved the whole black make-up look, it was just something that I
was always attracted to. Just gonna take a little bit of that green
and run it through the black just to soften that gradient, next I’m gonna take this Smash
Box lip primer in white, gonna pick up a little bit from the applicator, gonna pick it up
using this flat brush from Kelley Baker Brows and I’m gonna use it to etch out this brow
just right here in the arch and make it meet with that eye shadow color. Next I’m gonna pick up that middle emerald
green shade, right with some water and I’m gonna apply it to the lid, just realized that
this shade will pick up a lot better with the finger, so I am gonna just stamp it onto
my lid and a little bit past my crease, that’s starting to look a little bit more glammy
to me, and because of that I am just going to add a little bit more black, make it just
a pinch more smoky. Gonna pick up this darker shade here with
the same brush and just add it here in the 3rd quarter of the lid. I don’t think it’s actually called that I
just made that up, that is looking good. I’m gonna take my modster liner from Ardency
Inn and I’m gonna line lower lash line, 3/4’s of the way in. Gonna take a little smudger brush and blend
it down and then once I get to this part right here I am going to start pulling it down towards
the nose. This technique and this shape reminds me of
a bird’s eye, not bird’s eye but a literal bird’s eye which is shaped like a sideways
tear drop. Gonna add a little bit of liner to my inner
corner and I’m gonna smudge that out once again, I’m gonna take a little pencil brush,
dip it into this olive shade here that I use for my crease and transition shade and I’m
gonna smudge it right under my lower lash line. And I’m gonna stay outside of that line that
I just created that tear drop bird’s eye line, I’m not gonna go into this little negative
space here, just gonna go around it. I’m gonna grab this Stila Stay All Day Waterproof
liquid liner in the shade Intense Jade which is basically just a green and I am going outline
this lower lash line sideways tear drop, bird’s eye liner, holy crap that was a mouthful. I wanna do this little gothic nuance, kinda
reminds me of my childhood, this inner corner here, for my top lash line I definitely think
I need my black liner which I currently don’t have, alright let’s try to do it with the
green, now I’m just gonna line my top lash line, gonna line it heavily and give it that
nice defined wing. So now I’m gonna take a little bit of this
Pop Beauty glitter, this olive one right here from their Blink Brilliance Twinkle Texture
eye shadow palette which is both eye shadows and glitter shadows, they are actually corresponding
so the glitter sticks to the eye shadow that’s next to it, but because I’m not using the
shade I’m gonna use just a little bit of glitter glue, here I have the one by Too Faced, I’m
just gonna add this glitter glue and then I’m gonna add this olive glitter right on
top, you can do a little bit or a lot but I wanna go for just this much that I have
on my eyes right now because I still want this to be a very glammy look, I think glitter
is acceptable at the office, isn’t it? So now mascara and lashes, I am gonna be using
some dramatic lashes for this look and I will be right back. Okay my lashes are on, these are House of
Lashes Noir Faux Mink collection, there is no name anywhere but it’s from this black
box right right, I also took a little break, had some dinner because this is quite a look
so I needed some grub. I am going to do some lips, who is ready for
lips, I’m ready for lips because I need lips, look they are like gone, I have no lips on
my face. But before I do that I am going to contour
my lips just a bit, going to make this cupid’s bow a little bit now pronounced, I feel like
anything pointy is just a little bit more wicked looking and it’s just a little bit
more evil looking. I am gonna blend that out, gonna use a little
bit of that olive eye shadow to contour right underneath boom and also just a bit on the
top, next I’m gonna use this black liner from Aaliyah X Mac in the shade Never More, and
I am going over line and dramatize my lips hmmm cute. Next I think I wanna pick up a black liquid
lip, I have one from Mac and I also have one from Ribble so drug store, high end whichever
one you can get your hands on, get your hands on it. Today I am gonna go for Mac, hhmm I think
a black lip is just so Halloween appropriate. Next I wanna add some highlighter to the tops
of my cheek bones and just to some areas of interest. I have this one highlighter from Becca it’s
called Light Chaser Highlighter for face and eye and it’s in the shade Opal Flashes Jade,
sounds kinda bizarre and that’s because it is bizarre, for regular highlighter this is
probably not something that you would wear on a daily basis however, for Halloween a
purple that somewhat flashes green is just perfect. It doesn’t really look very green on camera
but trust me when I tell you, you see it in person. I am gonna apply that just to the blank space
of my cheeks, not too much just a little, you absolutely don’t need to use this shade,
you can use a gold or a yellow gold which I think would go well, I just wanna utilize
this really freakish color. Also gonna grab this super dooper yellow gold
highlighter from Revlon called Light it Up and I’m gonna bring it a little bit down underneath
that weird purple green, add that to my nose, to my chin and maybe to the chesticles, you
don’t have to do that, only if they are exposed, mine are exposed so gonna go for it. And now look 1 is almost complete, let me
put on my cloak and here I am, just another pretty girl from. So in case you are feeling a little bit more
creative or if you have more time on your hands we are going to add some add some jazz
and we are going to bling it up, so what I’m gonna do here is go back to the Huda Beauty
Emerald Obsessions palette, with this brush I’m gonna pick up vibrant green shade here
and what I am gonna start doing is adding this greenery to my contour, you can totally
do this with creams, like this one for example but I actually find it easier to do with powders,
such as eye shadows, much easier to blend them and to make them look a little bit more
realistic, gonna do the same thing to this cheek bone area, gonna apply this greenery
and blend it up to meet with that highlighter color. Now I don’t know maybe you work at an office
where this type of make-up is acceptable but I wanted to give you an option just in case
you wanna feel kinda costumey but not really look all that costumey. But this one I’m doing here can also work
for a poison ivy look or for Mother Nature or for anything really, don’t be afraid to
use that eye shadow. I am not gonna blend it in too much into my
hair line because I will be wearing a wig for this look or if you are wearing a witch
hat you can totally kinda fake it, gonna do my jaw line kinda lightly and then I’m gonna
go back to that olive and I’m just gonna deepen those hollows just a pinch more, If you wanna
clean up that contour, or you can just take that beauty blender and softly, very softly
clean up that edge and again I’m gonna re-emphasize that temple pushing this angle up so that
it’s parallel to this, you are so creepy. Now for the nose I’m gonna take a little bit
of the two greens and I’m just gonna come down straight from the brow down the side
of the nose, cool. The next thing that I’m gonna do is add a
little bit of green to my lips, gonna use this lime Crime Serpentina liquid lippy, shimmery
green; just gonna plop that to the centre of my mouth and lightly, very lightly tap
it out with my finger. Next thing I’m gonna do is something that
you don’t necessarily have to do but I wanna do just because I’m here, I am gonna contour
my cleavage just a bit using that same olive shade and I’m just gonna go along this groove
that I have here, if you don’t have a groove you could just press your boob up and then
you will find a groove. And then I’m gonna add a little bit more of
the vibrant green, also gonna take a little bit more of that weird Becca highlighter,
the one that shift green and I’m gonna add a lot more of that to this outer portion of
the cheek, so the last thing that I’m gonna do for this look is take some black eye shadow
from the tarte palette and I’m just gonna re-emphasize this lower lash line here. I’m gonna do the same thing with the green,
that’s looking good. So what we are gonna do for this look is actually
something that you could have done originally before putting on your foundation, if you
were going for this final look but since I wanted to kind of show you guys the progression
or 3 variance on this look that you could wear to different occasions and different
places, I am going to need some professional grade make-up, I will be using Ben Nye Nose
and Scar Wax because I want a brand new nose for this witch look. I am going to need some water so that my fingers
don’t stick to this wax, I am also going to need some spirit gum which will stick this
wax onto my skin and of course if you are using spirit gum you will also need spirit
gum remover for when you remove the make-up, very, very important don’t forget this, I
will link and list all the products down below just so you know exactly what you need. I am going to go ahead and remove some of
this nose make-up, ohh that is looking like a really red Rudolph nose, I am going to take
the Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax, gonna take a little spatula and I am gonna pick up just
a little bit of this wax, on a spatula, I’m gonna wet my fingers and I am going to start
molding this thing into a nose bridge, which I don’t really have. I wasn’t a very good sculpture when I took
a sculpting class so this is a little bit challenging, I am just gonna fast forward
through this application and I’m also gonna link the video that kinda taught me how to
do this step down below so you guys can check it out. So now that I have my basic shape, gonna just
place it down and I’m gonna take a little bit of spirit gum, before using spirit gum
make sure you do a little patch test on the inner portion of your arm, I did one earlier
today, it’s still on, clearly I haven’t removed it but at least I know I’m not allergic to
this stuff. So now just gonna apply this spirit gum right
on top of my nose and I’m just gonna pat this with my finger. This is what’s gonna make it become really
tacky. To be honest with you this is my very first
time doing this, not really sure what I’m doing, I’m gonna stick my little nose onto
the spirit gum, this baby is on, it ain’t going nowhere. And now I’m gonna start molding this nose
bridge which actually I just changed my mind I want it to become a really, really pointy
nose because my nose is already very, very pointy so I wanna enhance my God gifted features. We use water to smooth it down, also gonna
use this spatula here and I am just gonna start molding and shaping this thing on my
nose. Okay so it took me a couple of minutes to
put this nose together, I think I nailed it pretty bewitched. Now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take a
safety pin and I am going to very gently create some pores nose to look kinda natural, and
now it’s so waxy. Think I’m gonna take just a little bit more
spirit gum and I am gonna add it to the edges of this wax just to make sure that everything
is nicely sealed, gonna pick up the remainder of this foundation and I’m gonna tap it with
the beauty blender onto the side of the nose and I’m gonna cover this entire prosthetic. The nose is somewhat done, now it’s time for
me to add back a contour, I’m gonna go back to this Huda Beauty palette. Very gently contour the sides of this nose,
make sure you powder down the wax otherwise it is going to glue all that product onto
itself, you must make sure it’s powdered down and it’s not super sticky. I’m also gonna contour right underneath the
nose and that is looking quite cute, in true Instagram fashion I’m gonna add a little bit
of this super shimmery eye shadow right here to the bridge of the nose and right to the
point just gonna add a little bit of that purple one, alright and there you have it,
bewitched inspired nose, full look. I think we need a couple of accessories, oh
and would you look at that I have one more witches’ hat, I wonder who this could fit,
hi beau my little warlock is here, what’s your warlock name, beastly beau here he is,
tell everyone to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell, comment down below
and let me know what you think Beau is thinking right now, he’s so embarrassed about his mommy,
and also check out some of my other videos, you know where they are right there, which
one of your favorite witch looks did I create today, I love you guys, roarrr!!!

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