Xbox – March 2018 Games with Gold

Xbox – March 2018 Games with Gold

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>>Hey, Xbox fans. Are you ready for a brand
new games with Gold Lineup? As always, all four games
are playable and acquirable on Xbox One and free to those with an active Xbox
Live Gold subscription. Starting March 1, is
Trials of the Blood Dragon. Take control of Rex Power
Colt’s cybercommando kids, as they drive, shoot, swing and travel
through several worlds. And, if you feel
adventurous enough, cap it off by discovering what secrets lie within
the Ominous Locked Safe. Then come back on
March 16 and experience the award-winning
mold-breaking SUPERHOT. With minimalist visuals,
you’re left to concentrate on stellar gameplay
and coordination. Do you have what it
takes to plan ahead, kill your enemies, and
continue the fight? On the Xbox 360 kickoff March
with Brave, the video game. Step into the shoes
of Princess Merida to break a magical curse
hunting your family. Change your faith, battle your way through
mythical Scotland, join your friends for a co-op, or even play as a bear in this amazing adventure
inspired by the movie. Finally, on March 16, get ready for a wild, mind-bending experience
in Quantum Conundrum. Using your Interdimensional
Shift Device, solve complex puzzles through
five different dimensions, as you work to rescue
your uncle and bring him home. To redeem the titles
simply click on the Gold Area on your Xbox One, your Xbox 360 or even on the Web at Your new games will
automatically appear in the Ready To Install
section of your Xbox One. With Xbox Live Gold you are part the world’s premier
gaming community. [XBOX SOUND]


  1. At this point my gold subscription is purely to use my clan DOJO on Warframe.
    and game pass still doesn't have anything worth using my free month trial on.

  2. Xbox has been weak since September of last year. Got to love how they give you games you just don't want.

  3. RIP Xbox, haven’t seen a console killed so hard so consistently over the course of this generation. 😂

  4. The person who decides these lineups deserves to get fired. Yet another disappointing month for people paying you to play online!

  5. Meu Deus Microsoft. Como vcs são retardados!!!!!! Deu vontade de me matar, eu pago essa bosta pra que!!!?!?!! pra vim esses jogos de merda!!!! Por favor demita as pessoas q escolham esses games vcs são melhores q isso, vcs tem games ótimos, por que vcs estão fazendo isso com a gente?

  6. Xbox please wake up! 🙁 the games with gold are getting worse and worse…. Listen to the fans Xbox, they say it too. It's time to take some action now Xbox. Pls ❤

  7. Xbox… I wish that April gold games are good. This month wasn't good but hope you put some good games in april gold games..

  8. Q isso Cara, so jogo merda, ja e um absurdo pagar, caro PARA JOGAR ONLINE mais tudo bem vcs dao Jogos de graça, mas para ter jogos ruins, mais vale eu voltar pra Psn, fala serio

  9. Super Hot was really the only one worth downloading, plus it only takes up 3 Gigs so you don't have to sacrifice that much storage.

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