YouTube GOLD – RESCUE 911: 4 Buckets and a Pool?! (s2 e7) | RC ADVENTURES

YouTube GOLD – RESCUE 911: 4 Buckets and a Pool?! (s2 e7) | RC ADVENTURES

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– [Boss] All right, so
gold recovery table. I’ve heard about These guys have processing equipment. They do consulting and engineering, lab test work. I don’t need any of that. I need equipment, like gold recovery equipment. Concentrating tables, yes. Holy cow. How am I gonna get more gold
if I don’t have the equipment? So. (phone dialing) Let’s see this, 15
square feet tabling area. Crushing classification. Hello. Hi. Yeah. It is YouTube Gold calling. Is there somebody there I can talk to about the Quake 5VS3 small miner table? Yeah, a brand new table? The Tremor (laughs). Yes, has anyone seen it yet? No, then they can see it here if you can get it to me fast enough. How much is it? Yeah, do you take promissory notes? All right. Here we go. Delivery day is here. I’m gonna have to figure out a way to recover more gold to start paying for all this equipment. (humming) – [Man] (mumbles) shoulda’ got that end. – [Boss] This should
make all the difference. Expenses. This is a group chat to the other guys. We’re gonna need to work extra long shifts just to make ends meet. They’re only getting paid
if our expenses get met and that means that we gotta get gold. (phone clicking) Anybody? (door opening) (car starting) (motor revving) – Hey hey! – [Men] Hey! – You’re here! – [Boss] What’s shaking boys? – Hey, checking out our
new stand up bar here. – Yeah, pretty awesome beer table, buddy. – [Boss] You guys got into these? I was gonna put these
in the fridge for ya. – Where’s– – Where’s the delivery? – Where’s that delivery? – Yeah. – [Boss] Come on, you guys are like idiots or something? You’re standing on top of it right here. – No, this is our beer table. – [Boss] This is the brand new delivery. – Come on. – [Boss] This is gonna
help us get some gold. This is what we’ve been waiting for. – It’s awfully big. – [Boss] Let’s crack it open. See what’s inside. – No, this is a great beer table. – [Man In Black T-Shirt] Hey, maybe there’s an even
nicer beer table inside. – [Boss] Exactly. Aren’t you excited to see? – Hey, I’m game to see that. (tool drilling) – [Boss] There it is. Ready to rock and roll. – [Man With Long Hair] Okay, that’s a pretty awesome beer table. – [Boss] (laughs) This is how we’re going to be able to afford it all hopefully, but I did get this on a promissory note. When I was talking to 911 Metalurgist, they said that this is the
Tremor Gold Recovery Table. It is somewhere in
between their Quake Table and a smaller table. So this is 3 and a half,
or three by one and a half in table size, and this will help us replace
the gold wheel of fortune. – That is wild. – [Man With Long Hair] Pretty awesome. – [Boss] Gold recovery going up. You definitely need to
be wearing your gear if you’re working with power tools. Yes. Right, you too. Rook and Joe. – [Joe] Look at his shoes. – [Boss] Dude, unacceptable
for the mine site. Change up, let’s go. Now. – [Man] Why did you have to
call attention to my shoes? – [Boss] Nine 16. Wanna get undoing those bolts? – Absolutely. – [Boss] Thank you. Is it a nine 16ths? – [Man In Hard Hat] Yes, it is. – [Boss] Right on the money. – [Man In Hard Hat] Yep. – Wearing sandals, and you didn’t wear socks. You gotta put your old nasty work boots on with no socks. That’s gross. – [Boss] I gave Kevin a wrench. – What? – [Boss] Yeah. – Is he qualified? – [Boss] Oh man, it is gorgeous. Careful, careful, careful. Great. So we’re gonna have the gold concentrates going in at the top. And then as it filters itself down, it will leave the gold on the table and get everything else to
fall down into the channel. So we have four tubes that come down. One, two, three, four, that will go into four pails. And we’re also gonna
have an area for water. I haven’t’ quite figured it out yet, but that is the goal. Let’s fire it up and see
if it even powers, eh? Forward, reverse, on, off, yeah. (buttons clicking) Whoa, look at this. (machine humming) It’s nice and quiet. So that’s shaker speed. Look at how it wobbles back and forth. It’s all fiberglass on top. Yeah, we’ll adjust this area. He obviously put tape here. It came loose during transport and rubbed off the edge here. But that’s perfect. An active sluice box. I want to go and get some gold guys. What do you want, you
want to try this out? (screaming) (car sliding) (motor humming) – Thanks for the lift. – Welcome. – Thanks for the lift. Get some gold! YouTube Gold baby. (car door slamming) – Thank you, sir. Thank you, see you later. (motor roaring) – What the (honks)? That’s stuff’s grade out. – You need a shock collar. – [Boss] Shock collar’s right here. This is what we’re doing. We gotta move the shaker today. That’s the bottom line. I don’t want it emptying into
the freshwater pond no more. So get track hoe. Bring down the excavator and pull this out. Like the sluice box,
since Sluice isn’t here, rest his soul. Let’s take a moment for Sluice. – Moment for Sluice. – [Boss] ‘Kay. So we’re gonna go ahead
and take the chain. Get this up on its skids. Drag it out over the freshwater
pond with the dozers. And basically bring it
up where the Volvo is. We’re gonna want the sluice box emptying into the recovery tray and we’ll figure that out. We also need to get this up and on the go ’cause the only way we’re
gonna use that gold table is to– – Get gold. – We need to (muffled speaking). – [Boss] That’s right. (machine buzzing) Okay, so he is going to bring this in and we are going to be able to move this sluice box out of the way. The new soil and industry
motors are in this track hoe. Yeah, this is a real
blazer with speed now, I see Rook. How do you control it at such high speeds? – [Rookie] Oh, it takes
nerves of steel, I tell ya. – [Boss] A lot of practice. Careful buddy, you don’t
want to be losing it. – [Rookie] Oh, that’s tight man. – [Boss] It is man. No one can see that it’s
right down into the water. (track hoe humming) Careful, don’t bend the box man. If we get a box out of alignment, we’re gonna be losing gold. – [Rookie] Knuckle out again. There you go, you’ll get it. – [Boss] Beauty. – [Rookie] One more time. (track hoe buzzing) – [Boss] Nice job. Walk her back. – [Rookie] Oh, that
bank’s gonna give away. – [Boss] Yeah, I see that. Watch out man. – [Rookie] Lift up your arm a little bit. There you go. Now track that. – [Boss] We can do it. Boys, it’s a beautiful day. We put in a bad, snowy time last time and the sun gods are smiling down on us. – [Rookie] Thank goodness. – [Boss] Yeah. That’s all we had to do is pay some dues. – [Rookie] Isn’t that nice? – [Boss] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re doing good. Oh, here’s Tony. Oh, he’s spying on us, man. Why can’t you leave us alone? (plane roaring) Keep going, buddy. (nail gun shooting) Make sure that bridge doesn’t slide out when we’re trying to drag that sluice or the shaker plant. This is actually quite a heavy unit. Okay, so a chain all the way up. Bring it back buddy. This dozer weighs 63 pounds. Okay, good. (dozer motor humming) Oh, around the ripper, you wanna curl this in? There you go, beauty. Nice and slow, just advance. – [Rookie] Make sure on the chain. – [Boss] Yeah, there you go. ‘Kay, man– – [Rookie] I think I got it. – [Boss] If you frig this up, it can go right in there, so be very careful. Pull. Bring in the other dozer just in case. Keep pulling. Pull! (machine humming) ‘Kay, just add support with
the arm on that one side. Joe? – [Joe] Are you ready, Rook? – [Boss] Good luck! – [Joe] ‘Kay, bring it forward slow. – [Boss] Try to support on
the frame down low, Rookie. It’s coming off, pull faster. We should shorten up the chain. – [Rookie] I got it. We’re on this side, we got it, we got it. – [Boss] Yeah, you got it. Good job, boys. We got her over the pond! (machine roaring) Oh, she’s hungry. (wooden planks falling) Okay, so this is my rock crusher and I use a Gens A 7003S battery in there. This thing basically lasts me all day and has a 60C discharge rate. Not like something like this needs it. It’s just always good to have
that kind of power on hand. ‘Bout as precarious as I can get here. Gonna try to back this down the road. But it is super heavy. It also weighs about 64 pounds. I’m guesstimating, but that’s close. All done by remote of course. Something like this I
don’t wanna risk the safety of anyone else, so I’m gonna do it myself. – [Rookie] Oh, carefuL. – [Boss] Just make sure I’m clear. I got front end swing like crazy here. – [Rookie] You got lots
of room, lots of room. Keep coming, keep coming. Straighten out, keep coming, keep coming. Tiny, stop. – [Boss] There we go, beautiful. So for where we’re actually
putting this plant, we can’t drag it into place. There’s not enough room to turn it around. We might have to pull on one side. – [Joe] I think we’re
gonna need the chain. You’re gonna have to
come and give me a hand. – [Boss] Yeah, exactly. – [Joe] Let’s do it. – [Rookie] Very slowly. – [Joe] Nice and easy, Kev. All right, pull it. (machine humming) – [Boss] Yeah, it wants to dig in. Keep her going. – [Rookie] Slow down! You’re going too fast. – [Boss] Yeah, it’s looking good. Lift up that blade. (machine humming) – [Rookie] You lift the hook any higher, you’re taking the front end. Yeah, but how you getting out of there? – [Boss] Don’t worry about me, you can push it from here, yeah? – [Rookie] Oh yeah. – [Boss] There you go. – [Rookie] It’s gotta
go to the south more. – [Boss] Now he’s gonna
drag that sluice box back over to the shaker plant. Feels like we’re never
gonna run dirt today. – [Rookie] It really does. – [Boss] Yeah, yeah. Also, can you grab the water
since you’re right there. – Water? – [Boss] Yeah, just pop it on. – It’s over there. All the way across the mine. – [Boss] No, I just mean right here. Turning on the water. – [Rookie] Oh, that water. – [Boss] That’s all right. – [Joe] Come on, Rookie! – [Boss] Yeah, I thought you knew what was going on around here today. It’s like you’re not paying attention. – He said he did, didn’t he. – [Boss] Yep. Where’s your hard hat? – [Rookie] Oh God, it’s inside. – Hey, penalty! Get your gear on! – [Boss] It’s like you’re
slacking around here, man. – [Kevin] You’re gonna get fired. – [Rookie] I’m starting to get confused. – [Boss] Firing up the water. Have you ever run a wheel loader before? – Not this one, nope. – [Boss] You’re a perfect man for today. Get your practice. We’re still kinda’ gettin’ our groove. Kevin’s still learning the
controls of this loader. Trying to get everybody trained up. It’s very expensive on the mine site to have these guys training all the time. We thought loading wars
would’ve been ample. This is a great ramp, Kev. That look wonderful man. Looks like you’re a little, needs to be packed a little bit more. Yeah, you’re a little
bit too far on this side. There you go, into the hopper. Beautiful. Out the conveyor and away it goes. (machine squeaking) (water running) ‘Kay, so we’re just
extending the hoses here for the pump. It’s gonna have to pump
just a little bit longer of a journey. We may lose a little bit of power on here. I’m interested to see if we’re gonna have to glue everything finally. – [Rookie] I’m curious. – [Boss] This is way too
much pay at once, man. It’s basically clogging everything up. But we have been able– – [Rookie] We wanted
to do small loads too. – [Boss] You can see, I gotta send a shout out to Freddy Dodge and to Rick, Rick Ness, because on Dirt Reynolds, he bought a (mumbles)
called Dirt Reynolds. The holes were too big and Rick decided after
talking to Freddy Dodge, to put in some smaller
screening on this inside. No one thought I was gonna work. Here it is working. We’re getting a finer dust
coming down through here without all those big giant pieces. Pieces are up top ready to be recirculated through the crusher. And we’re getting more gold. – [Rookie] Hey boss. – Yeah? – [Rookie] Don’t we have people for this? – We do, but I have a hard time
getting some of you guys to work around here. You’re always drinking beer. – [Rookie] Well, that’s mostly Joe. – Hey, you’re doing a great job. – I know. Some of us have to make money around here. Why is everything shut down? – [Rookie] We were on a
beer break to be fair. – I was getting everything
actually running right now. – [Boss] Okay, Rooks
gonna fire up the pump. We got the tray. Now it’s gonna dump
all the water down here without eroding anything. That’s just the extra water. (machine humming) More power! Whoa, whoa, what happened? ‘Kay, so here’s how it goes. He’s loading it into the hopper feeder. It goes off the small conveyor
into the white conveyor that takes it up to our larger conveyor that goes into to the grizzlies,
through the grizzlies. There’s an auger in there that goes straight through
the screening drum. Everything that is now coming
through the screaming drum gets put into the back of the crusher. It’s gonna go up the conveyor. It’s gonna go into this shaker. It’s gonna wash all that rock. And there’s a sluice
that’s gonna come there. It’s discarding all of the
rocks that have been washed. (machine humming) Oh yeah, it’s way too
hot to be indoors, man. That’s too hot. – [Rookie] The doghouse is winter time? – [Boss] Doghouse is winter time only. We’re gonna have to put up with it, ’cause that’s just the way it goes. – [Rookie] All right. – [Boss] And mine site
ain’t no quiet site. It’s such a nice looking truck, man. One of my favorites to
watch on the mine site. I wonder if the viewers
can type down below what their favorite piece
of machinery out here is. – [Joe] They’re all my favorite. – [Boss] Yeah, well penalty Joe, man. You loved all of these machines. – [Joe] It’s a mine site, man. – [Boss] All machines count. – [Joe] Everything is awesome. – [Boss] You notice
that everything we have on the mine site is functional? A lot of people have been
telling us to use a scale truck to drive to work, but we’re not playing make believe here. – [Rookie] We’ve got a ride
to the mine right there. – [Boss] Exactly. Why would we take a scale truck? Here he comes on another round. The pay continues to flow. (machine roaring) Brand new pay for Kev. Everyone keeps asking
if our cuts over there, why does our truck come
from this direction? That’s a silly question of course. ‘Kay, after many hours and
trying many different ways, this is the solution we’ve come up with. We can shorten it up even
more I guess with this. – [Rookie] Yeah, we can take
a couple feet off that, yeah. – [Boss] Yeah, we could. – [Rookie] Let’s try it. – [Joe] Let’s try it, see how much– – [Boss] How much draw it has. Or if we do in fact have to shorten it up. (machine humming) – [Joe] I think it’s gonna be all right. – [Boss] I’m hoping. I think it might be all right. – [Joe] Oh, I see movement. – [Boss] Oh, yeah. Almost, there it goes. See, we’re bottle necking right there. Is that all we can get? (machine roaring) Not bad, not bad. Yeah, that’s good. We could use more flow. – [Joe] Not bad! – [Boss] That’s better. That’s a lot better. (water rushing) It’s plugged. – [Joe] Is it? – [Boss] That’s okay. I’m opening it up. There goes. There we go. We were clogged up. We’re good! (machine roaring) Dude, we’re mining. – We are. – [Joe] Guys, think we
got enough water, boss. (machines roaring) – [Boss] Conveyor! – [Joe] Conveyor! – [Boss] Turn her down. – [Kevin] Let it down! – [Boss] Kevin. You’re responsible for this conveyor, man! What happened? Dude, you’re supposed to keep your eye. It’s not the equipment, it’s the user. Keep your eye on it. – [Rookie] He did. He tried turning it up and down. – [Boss] Uh. Yeah, man, it’s toast. These red ones, man, they’re problematic. Dude, what are you gonna do? – [Man On Intercom] Who’s
your supervisor around here? – [Boss] You’re the foreman. You’re supposed to be taking care of this. He (bleeps) up. – Listen, I’m gonna have to
give you a reprimand here ’cause you’re supposed to
keep your eye on everything. And you really let me down here. That conveyor should be running. – Should be. – And it’s not. And I left you in charge of that. – [Boss] Listen, I’m
telling you right now, if we see conveyors down like that, that’s basically letting
money pile up there. And then fall to the side. – Boss, I know. I know. – [Boss] If you can’t do your job, then don’t be here. – I don’t know what they expect of me. I’m the new guy. They put me in charge
of loading the plant, monitoring the belts and then they have a belt out of my sight that I can’t monitor. What the heck? I don’t get these guys. – Hey! Stop talking to the camera. Get back to work. (machines roaring) Yeah, no, this stuff,
he’s got it right here. Do you wanna clear off
the top of the grizzlies I’m gonna clean out this, let the final wash happen. (metal rattling) Not a lot down there, that’s great. That means a lot of it washed in here. Kev, your conveyor’s off. Conveyor man. – [Kevin] Yep. – [Boss] You know what, Rook? Take over on loader. I think he’s been out in the sun too long. (muffled speaking over walkie talkie) – Yeah, but I just got word from the boss that you took a couple
more buckets in there and we’ll get a clean up going here. No? – [Boss] They’re supposed to come out here and have a good time. Move around a little bit of pay. They start thinking it’s a real job. Start getting all mean and nasty like. – [Kevin] Yeah, Joe. – And then they go ahead and quit. They just walk away. – Bite me, I’m not walking away. – [Joe] Like a bunch of babies. They’re just playing with toys, you know. Geez, they get all feelings and stuff. – [Boss] Feelings on the mine site. – Thinking we’d sun camp with this guy. – [Boss] Oh no, oh no, oh no. – [Joe] We’re having a very big problem. – [Boss] Oh, dude! – [Rookie] Oh, what the hell? – [Boss] What’s this? The hopper? ‘Kay, shut her down. That’s it. That’s it, let it run
through and that’s it. The hogger’s not running, guys. The hogger. It wasn’t even turned on. Stop this, stop it, stop, stop, stop. It can’t process that much at once. (machine rumbling) (machine squeaking) Looks good, guys. I think we had a good day of gold mining. – [Joe] Holy, she’s been a long one, boss. – [Boss] Yeah, it has been. – [Joe] Has been. – [Boss] But it took forever
to get this mine site up and running. – But hey, it’s running. – [Boss] We got her, yep. – [Joe] It’s not tuned in perfectly, but it’s running. – [Boss] We don’t want to
be too rough on you man, right? Especially ’cause you’re the new guy. – Still learning. – [Boss] We put a lot
of responsibility on you to test you, right? And even though you failed today, we’ll still probably call you back. – [Joe] Pass in the future. – [Boss] Maybe, yeah. – Maybe. – [Boss] You see anything there? – Tons. – [Boss] Any gold? Tons? – [Joe] Oh yeah! – [Boss] Ah! – [Rookie] Here. – [Joe] Nice. – [Rookie] There’s a piece there. – [Joe] Get your shadow out of the way. – [Rookie] THat’s not my shadow. That’s why I’m behind it. – [Boss] Dude, look at that. – [Joe] Okay, let’s rinse it in. – [Rookie] Yeah, let’s get it in. – [Boss] All that beautiful concentrate. That’s what it all comes down to, boys. Right here, what’s in that pan. How long we go today? Like 12 hours? – [Rookie] Felt like it. – [Joe] No, it feels like we went for 20. – [Boss] Yep. – Mine (mumbles). – [Boss] How you feelin’? – I think we’re gonna do all right. – [Boss] I think we’re gonna do all right. – [Kevin] Oh yeah. – [Boss] We finally have what we need. Now we can get serious. That’s a good shake. It still needs to come down here. – [Rookie] Yeah, no. Yes. – Hi, I’m Matt from (mumbles) Creations and today we’re gonna
talk about the VS35 Quake. – [Boss] ‘Kay, let’s see
where the water goes. – [Rookie] Which one’s the tremor? – [Boss] No, this is the Quake. – [Rookie] We’re using, oh yeah. That’s the– – (muffled speaking). – [Boss] That’s a nice
light he’s got over it. – [Rookie] Yeah, that’s a hell of an idea. – [Boss] We gotta put a light over it. ‘Kay boys. – [Joe] You think it’s gonna work? – [Boss] First concentrate. I don’t think, I know it’s gonna work. – [Joe] Okay, let’s try. – [Boss] Right up in the corner. – [Joe] So just dump it on there? – [Boss] I think so. – [Joe] Well, a little
lower, there you go. – [Boss] And then it’s
supposed to separate. – [Joe] Just keep dumping? – [Boss] Ah, no. Let it sit there for a second. Let’s turn up the speed a little bit and we might need a
little more angle on it. I’m not sure. Look at this, man. – [Joe] Is that gold right there? – [Boss] I’m definitely looking, man. I’m like scanning. I love how it’s separating
everything for us to see. – [Joe] It’s cool as hell, but I think we need a little more angle. – [Boss] I don’t think so. I don’t think so. I see this here. I do see what you’re saying. We do need to shake this out, but I think maybe water flow. – [Joe] No way. – [Boss] Yep, right there. Okay, let’s fan it out. – [Joe] Holy crap, it’s hard to see. – [Boss] Right there. – [Rookie] Yep. – [Boss] Okay, it’s staying on the top. – [Joe] Right there. – [Boss] See. There’s a piece so we need
to get the snuffer bottle, which I’m holding here. I’m dialing it in man. Dialing it in, boys. – [Joe] Well, we’re dialing something. – [Boss] Yeah. – [Joe] Dialing it in but– – [Rookie] Hey, we’re having
a great time making gold! – [Boss] It’s working for us, man. – [Joe] This is the gold right here. – [Boss] There’s a piece
totally in the light. – [Joe] Sorry. – [Boss] No worries. I mean with the light. That’s better. (water running) They got some gold in the pan. – [Kevin] There’s some in the pan. – [Boss] Yeah, there’s flakes in there. There, look at those flakes right there. – [Rookie] Yeah, yeah. – [Boss] Right there. There’s one coming down right
here, Rook, right there. – [Rookie] Yep. – [Boss] You see it? ‘Cause you weren’t’ watching it. It’s right there, yeah. Dude, don’t tell me you lost it. No! – [Joe] Rookie! – [Boss] Dude. – [Rookie] Where’s the other one? – [Boss] Dude, there was
like three more up here. Stop the table now. Dude, you took your eye off the ball and then these ones are gone. – [Rookie] They’re already
gone into the bucket. – [Boss] Oh, you’re in the light man. Back out. – [Rookie] They’re in this pail. – [Boss] What a bunch of yahoos. We had four pieces of gold right there. Rookie.
– [Rookie] I saw it. I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t have a brush. – Cops don’t make good miners. – [Joe] Hey. We have a water issue. It’s all gonna loading wars, bain board. – [Rookie] It is hungry, just nerd it. – [Kevin] Typical cop response. – [Boss] Dude, the gold
and it was good gold. That’s what we worked all day for. We worked all day for that. – [Joe] We just let the gold. – Horribly disappointing. – [Joe] Well, it would help
if we knew what we were doing. – [Boss] Okay boys. Bring it around. It’s not like we didn’t get no gold today. The new table might’ve
brought us some fortunes. Let’s see what we got. Three, two, one, whoo! – [Joe] Hey, that’s not terrible. – [Boss] Hey, that’s not too bad. It’s not a huge increase, but we didn’t know what
the hell we were doing. – [Rookie] It’s certainly not
our gram a day that we’re– – [Kevin] No, but it’s nice big chunks. – [Boss] That’s some good chunks. Hey, hey, Joe. Team sprit, bro. If we put this all together,
we might, you know. Obviously we’re not on
target for our goal. – [Joe] Well, obviously. – [Boss] We’re gonna
have to start thinking about either, we barely moved dirt today. We’re gonna have to start moving dirt when we first start out the day. – Well, now we have
both (mumbles) running. So we’ll be able to run a lot more pay. And there’s cycles of pay and we’ll another couple
of conveyors set up. – [Boss] Hats in, boys, on three. One, two, three. YouTube Gold! – [All] YouTube Gold! – [Joe] There. – [Boss] ‘Kay. So we’re cleaning up. Check this out. Look how much black sand is
in the bottom of this pool, and there’s a piece of gold right here. So we are obviously doing the table raw – [Joe] There’s also gold right there. – [Boss] Another one? – [Joe] On that side. – [Boss] It’s right there, there’s gold. – [Joe] Right here, right there. – [Boss] Okay man. You know what we need to do? Gold wheel. Yep. There’s another piece right there. – [Joe] Yeah, agreed. – [Boss] Dudes, dudes, gold, gold, gold! – [Both] Gold, gold, gold! – [Joe] Careful. – [Joe] ‘Kay, oops. – [Boss] Turn it off. – [Joe] Ruby worth the big oops today. – [Boss] ‘Kay, that’s okay. Let’s bring it over here. The stupid truck on the way. – [Joe] And then pan ’em with the rest. – [Boss] Good luck man. Oh. – [Rookie] Oh, we
definitely returned some. Yeah. – [Boss] Well, look at that. We had lost, the can’t see it. There it is. Look at, we had lost all that
into the bottom of the pool. So we’re gonna have to run
all that material again. – [Joe] That’s quite a
bit of gold actually. – [Boss] That’s quite a bit. That’s good though, boys. – [Joe] Boss, we got it. We still got it. – [Boss] Let’s add it to the pile. – [Joe] Clean out. – [Rookie] I don’t know. I think it’s pretty good once
we combined it all together. Looks pretty good. – [Joe] If you knocked it
down to one fourteenth scale, yeah, we did awesome. – [Boss] Yeah. But how many hours– – [Joe] One to one scale, that’s not– – [Boss] How many hours were we working? Well, is that a gram? – [Joe] Well, look at my sunburn. This is how many hours
we were working today. – [Boss] That’s true. It is a sunburn. – Look at my sunburn. – [Kevin] Yeah, but we
also saw that the great– – We had snow last time. – [Boss] Stop it, The Great White North just
got a little brighter. Keep it covered. – We’re gonna get some color
on that skin, don’t worry. – [Boss] I don’t want color on the skin. I want color on the pan.


  1. medic, I'd like to apply for a job possibly as site mechanic,but willing to do anything, I have 30 years RC experience, and about that in gold mining. I'm from southern oregon,NOT RELATED TO THE HOFFMANS, and I don't drink beer, keep up the videos, Awesome

  2. I used to race trucks when I was a kid. Had all the money in the world throw on toys. Now that I'm 50 and I take care of my mother full time, I have absolutely no money to spend on toys. Kind of sad…

  3. My son, who is three said his favorite is your blue side by side. He wants to drive it on the road.

  4. hey medic, sweet video as always and nice new gold table. I use a miller table and its really sloooow. just a little comment, if that's the stock motor in that excavator, that's running way too fast. it will make it hard to control and cause a lot of excess heat in the fluid.  the % is supposed to be at around 22% to 28% for the stock pump and motor. anyways, great show as always my friend!!!

  5. man medic, I want to come up and run with you on that site sooooo bad!!! its like r.c construction heaven on earth, an operators paradise!!!

  6. The Mine is really coming together and we're all enjoying this but I'm Worried about Kevin his stress level is really high …you can tell by his beer intake. He's drinking almost as much as Joe! hahahaha!

  7. New Union rule #1 Alcohol may be consumed by employees at anytime they see fit. The Boss may not consume anything at all with alcohol in it…

  8. I love watching this! Although I am a little late I am catching up super fast! Keep up the work guys the videos are awesome! Just wished I was hooked on this a month ago!

  9. Amazing. This is so cool. Do you guys actually get a yard of dirt from a gold location. Dump it there at the job site and load pay?

  10. Hey there these old RC excavator that have the is like a crane and you dropped the bucket down and it clamped it's very old that's my favorite

  11. Hey RC I don't know your name or your actual name but there is a nuclear power excavator they eats RC and you really should get it it's super massive and I think it can be a big help I don't think it's a nuclear power but it picked up nuclear rocks its nuclear and the thing gets so hot you should definitely get it

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